Bunny Wailer Got Me Busted

Reggae singer Bunny Wailer is on stage

The countdown to cannabis legalization has begun. Soon many of us will be able to grow plants at home. We'll be able to leave our house carrying up to one ounce, and have eight ounces at home. It's still hard to wrap my head around these freedoms. I've spent three weekends in

Cannabis Legalization Has Led To More Research Studies

A black female lab staff member is sorting through some samples in liquids in test tubes submerged in a bowl filled with ice

For decades, cannabis research has been criminally negligent, due to backward, fear-based, repressive prohibitionist beliefs. There's a school of thought which believes this may be due in part to Big Pharmaceutical not wanting the public to have a more comprehensive understanding of a plant that you can grow yourself and might

Micheal Bloomberg Is Not A Friend Of Cannabis Legalization

The rush of candidates running for the Democratic nomination for president is breathtaking and encouraging—looking at you, Elizabeth Warren, Kirsten Gillibrand, and Kamala Harris—and provided there is anything left of the US by election time, we could be looking at a candidate who favors cannabis legalization at the federal level. Well,

Does Legalized Cannabis Increase Illegal Imports?

Man vaping

It’s gearing up to be a banner year for legalized weed, but that doesn’t mean we can ease up on fighting prohibitionists. That means it’s time for another installment of our series “Prohibition Arguments, Cannalyzed™”—in which we dissect stupid anti-cannabis arguments by using words and common sense. Here’s a favorite one

Oklahoma Offering Hemp For Sale – Tons Of It

Before Oregon legalized cannabis, and even before the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program was in place, I was an avid consumer of cannabis. A steady supply of high-quality craft cannabis was not always available to me, though, so I was at times reduced to partaking of whatever was available. That meant smoking

Cannabis Caramel Sauce? Yes Please, Now!

Our Discreet Methods for Cannabis Consumption series continues with a new product that I'm giving fair warning on to you now—this stuff is so good, it would be very, very easy to over-consume it. Then again, one person's over-consumption is another's really fantastic four to six hours, so exercise restraint, or

Beer Makers Begin Investment In Cannabis

beer being pored into a glass

The company that makes an inexplicably popular beer that gives me cringe shivers when I choke it down because it tastes so bad  has made a joint $100 million investment to find a way to make THC- and CBD-infused beverages. The industry that contributed untold dollars to prohibitionist efforts has now

MJBiz Con 2018: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

  In November 2018, I attended the annual MJBizCon in Las Vegas. It’s the largest cannabis convention in the world, featuring 27,000 attendees from 70 countries, with 1,000 exhibitors, three days of speakers, break-out lunches, and afterparties. I didn’t visit all 1,000 booths or meet all 27,000 attendees, although “Hi, I’m

OLCC Threatens 41 Cannabis Growers With Loss of License

Operation Good Harvest—AKA "I Like To Watch"—has concluded, a first-time undertaking which sent OLCC inspectors onto the outdoor farms of recreational cannabis producers across the state to inspect, verify, and validate that growers were in full compliance. How did it go? Mmm... not so great. Marijuana Business daily summed it all up

“Beyond Buds: Next Generation” Sets The Bar For Cannabis Books

There’s no shortage of books about cannabis, and the groaning, overstuffed top shelf of my ancient IKEA bookcase speaks to that in... volumes. Grow guides, histories of cannabis, reference sources, cookbooks, cannabis spa guides, how-to-roll-a-joint handbooks—when the Great Cascadia Earthquake hits, I will likely die crushed by a quarter ton

Cannabis Deals For Black Friday

A red neon Sale sign is seen in a store window

This week, we gather together to share and express our gratitude—for friends, family, and super-duper low prices on cannabis. This isn't a new thing. In a market where cannabis prices just keep falling, it's hard to imagine that prices can get any lower. But they can, so instead of trampling, pushing, and

The City of Portland’s Cannabis Program Needs You To Do Your Civic Doobie

The marquee sign for the Portland Center For The Performing Arts is shown on a downtown Main Street in Portland, Oregon

Just because the elections are over doesn't mean your civic duty is done. If you have a strong interest in cannabis policy, your city needs you. Consider this the cannabis equivalent of the Bat Signal. The City of Portland is accepting applications until this Thursday, November 15, 2018 to apply for

Majority of Cannabis Ballot Measures Pass

A scattering of small round stickers reading "I voted" lay on a white table

Last night we saw (thank god) a Blue Wave. And as primary-school finger painting taught me, you can't make green without blue—and there was also a Green Wave last night as well. As I wrote yesterday, four states had cannabis-related measures on the ballot—two with medical programs (Missouri and Utah), and

Four States With Cannabis On The Ballot

I middle aged woman wearing a black jacket and dark sunglasses holds up a yellow handmade sign reading Grab Em By The Mid Terms. she is in the middle of the Million Woman March.

I didn't realize it until I woke up this morning, but was anyone else aware there's an election today? It hasn't been much in the news, and the TV commercials have been few and far between, but I did some digging, called a few sources for confirmation, and sure enough, there

Is Cannabis In Mexico Now Legal? Kind Of

A close up of the flag of Mexico

Yesterday, social media blew up with news that "cannabis had been made legal in Mexico". Which is kind of, sort of  true, but before you start dusting off your high school Spanish textbook with plans to move to Oaxaca and open a dispensary, slow your roll and take uno momento por