Cannabis Caramel Sauce? Yes Please, Now!

Our Discreet Methods for Cannabis Consumption series continues with a new product that I’m giving fair warning on to you now—this stuff is so good, it would be very, very easy to over-consume it.

Then again, one person’s over-consumption is another’s really fantastic four to six hours, so exercise restraint, or go forth and gluttonize to your little heart’s content. No one is here to judge you. (Those shoes with that bag, tho…?)

But we are here to judge a cannabis edible with a name that appears to be a misspelling of that band which just needlessly covered Toto’s “Africa”—Wezzer.

It’s the creation of Kurt Hallin and local chef Leather Storrs, Portland natives and next-door neighbors. “Wezzer” is what Kurt called Leather back when his mouth was mushy, or what I imagine I would call him after eating a jar of this caramel sauce.

That is correct: There is now a caramel sauce infused with canna butter which you can carefully and judiciously dole out in reasonable tablespoon-sized portions, each containing five milligrams of THC.

That would be the choice of, say, a well-balanced, reasonably-minded adult person who has their life together.

However, if you are a cannabis columnist, you may choose plan B, which is to: Start with that one tablespoon, follow it by yelling “FUCK, this is good!” then confirm how well it works as a dipping sauce for fruit (it works great), if it works spread onto a piece of poundcake (it does, quite nicely), and if it works applied to some hot popcorn to make your own caramel corn (Holy God, it worked so fucking well for that).

In which case you will find the five-ounce jar rapidly disappearing in one evening, leaving you licking the inside of the jar to see how well that works. (Save for the loss of your last broken piece of dignity, it’s a viable if rather unbecoming delivery system.)

The ingredients are a few of my favorite things: sugar, cream, salt, and canna butter, made from equal parts of Gorilla Glue and Grape OG flower from Motoperpetuo, which Storrs shares is “predominantly Sativa at 22.5 percent THC aggregate in flower.”

He also says that the canna butter was “made with a Magical Butter machine at a strength of 1/2 oz flower to 1 cup clarified butter.” (For those of you who make edibles at home with a Magical Butter machine or any other method, this resulted in a canna butter which tested at 10.9 milligram of THC per gram.)

There is a CBD version of the caramel sauce, too, in two-ounce jars, available in strengths of 50 or 200 milligrams of CBD, made as a partnership with Bud Brother’s Apothecary, under the name Wezz Originals.

They have also collaborated on a CBD Peppermint Cooca with 50 milligrams of CBD. Both products are available online.

If sweets aren’t your thing, there are upcoming savory releases as well, including a shelf-stable canna-infused Aioli called Head Spread.

The THC caramel sauce is available at Jayne dispensary.

While this is a discreet consumption option, it’s also one that anybody who sees will want a taste of.

If you’re bringing this over the meadow and through the woods to Grandmother’s Boca Raton condo or any other end-of-year celebrations this season, consider grabbing a second jar. It goes fast.

Josh Taylor is a well-known and successful entrepreneur in the legal cannabis space, producing B2B and B2C cannabis events, "Backstage Budtending" and upscale concierge services through his companies and His weekly syndicated newspaper column and features about cannabis ran for five years until March 2020.

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