Four Oregon Craft Cannabis Brands Who Set The Bar


There are thousands of growers, edible makers, and concentrate processors in Oregon. And although I partake of a great deal of cannabis in many forms, despite my best efforts, I haven’t tried everything, and new products drop all the time. So while this is not a comprehensive list of the majesty

Oregon Ballot Measure To Decriminalize All Drugs Poised To Qualify

When cannabis became legal in Oregon in 2015, there were those who opposed legalization that asked if this meant “we should just legalize all drugs.” While the idea of doing so certainly led to some consideration as to what that might look like— including yours truly who imagined an alternate

Stupid AF CBD Products Include Sports Bras

As with anything new, shiny, and full of promise, CBD is being hailed as a miracle ingredient that can solve any and all things that ails you, no matter the problem. Yes, CBD is a wonder cannabinoid with tremendous potential, and it’s better to introduce clean, well sourced, and tested CBD

The “Know Your Grower Series”: Meet Make & Mary

Make & Mary

The sheer range of cannabis products for sale in Oregon can be downright overwhelming. And most of us are unfamiliar with what is available, the quality of the merchandise, and where it came from. What’s more, the mass consolidation of dispensaries and brands can seriously undercut the “buy local” component. Your purchase

The Volcano Returns As A Hybrid

Volcano Vaporizer

If you’re a regular cannabis user, you’ve probably tried a Volcano vaporizer at some point. It could be argued that the company that makes it, Storz & Bickel, set the platinum standard for precision vaporizing. In 1996, a German graphic designer named Markus Storz used a heat gun to develop the

Portland Greater Goods Opens a CBD Products Store

Greater Goods

As great as it is to be able to buy your CBD at the Gas 'n' Sip—and it is, really—you may want your CBD offerings to be produced and presented in a slightly more...Pacific Northwesterly manner. Artisan. Organic. Small batch. Women positive/owned. Innovative. And probably bearded. A place you can go

Protanicals Tinctures Expertly Blend Cannabis and Botanicals

Cannabis tinctures are a great delivery system. Cannabis and hemp are soaked in either high-proof alcohol or a fat such as coconut oil, and the result offers a whole profile of the extracted plant, including a full range of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids and terpenes. It’s an ancient way of

A Great New Portable Vaporizer and Auto Grinder from Cloudius9


The Cloudious9 company has released two new products since unveiling their Hydrology9, a portable water filtration vaporizer that still reminds me of a lightsaber base. I reviewed it here a while back, and have been interested to see what Cloudious9 would come up with next. Their first new item is a

DEA Hinders Legitimate Cannabis Research

Go ahead and mock my Reynolds-Wrap-hat mentality, but I think there may be a government agency working against the interests of legitimate cannabis research.  Is it a conspiracy? Ha ha, no, it’s just the Drug Enforcement Administration, doing what they do best: getting in the way and slowing things down like

Five Cannabis Brands You Should Know

Corporations suck, and so does corporate cannabis. Buy and get high locally with these stellar Oregon brands. 7 Points Oregon Cannabis The first time I heard of a “veganic growing” method, I thought was being punked for an episode of Portlandia. But the choice to forgo all animal products, such as manure or

Checking Out Colorado’s Cannabis Scene

I just returned from Colorado, where I explored a (very small) portion of the Denver cannabis scene. My schedule and budget didn't permit extensive sampling, so in no way should this serve as a comprehensive picture of what's available in the Mile High City, but I thought the differences between Colorado's and

A Bluetooth Cannabis Centered Sex Toy For People Who Have Given Up

In general, I try to steer my coverage of cannabis products, people, and services towards things that I think are worthy of your time. Believe me, there are plenty of samples that I receive as a cannabis writer that I don't think are quality enough to receive attention, but I will at

Get To Know Nelson and Company Organics

Over the past year, I've steadily increased my use of concentrates.The formats in which they're now available, and the brands that produce them, have exploded like a drunk dude open-blasting butane hash oil in his apartment. The price has also dropped, as Oregon's cannabis oversupply issue has led to increasing

The Smoke Trap Keeps Your Smoking Your Business

Back when I was working with bands and touring these here fine United States, one of the biggest concerns was smell. Not so much the rich aromas of a dozen sweaty men with questionable bathing schedules and hygiene habits rolling across endless miles of highways in a submarine with wheels (although

Three New Dab Rigs to Consider

We’ve come a long way from heating up nails. It’s difficult to keep track of all the current options for dabbing and vaporizing concentrates, from shatter to oil cartridges. In the interest of being an ally to the cannabis concentrate community, I tested three devices on the market at varying