Four Oregon Craft Cannabis Brands Who Set The Bar


There are thousands of growers, edible makers, and concentrate processors in Oregon. And although I partake of a great deal of cannabis in many forms, despite my best efforts, I haven’t tried everything, and new products drop all the time. So while this is not a comprehensive list of the majesty

The “Know Your Grower Series”: Meet Make & Mary

Make & Mary

The sheer range of cannabis products for sale in Oregon can be downright overwhelming. And most of us are unfamiliar with what is available, the quality of the merchandise, and where it came from. What’s more, the mass consolidation of dispensaries and brands can seriously undercut the “buy local” component. Your purchase

Protanicals Tinctures Expertly Blend Cannabis and Botanicals

Cannabis tinctures are a great delivery system. Cannabis and hemp are soaked in either high-proof alcohol or a fat such as coconut oil, and the result offers a whole profile of the extracted plant, including a full range of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids and terpenes. It’s an ancient way of

Get To Know Nelson and Company Organics

Over the past year, I've steadily increased my use of concentrates.The formats in which they're now available, and the brands that produce them, have exploded like a drunk dude open-blasting butane hash oil in his apartment. The price has also dropped, as Oregon's cannabis oversupply issue has led to increasing

Peak Extracts Is an Oregon Cannabis Brand You Should Know

Oregon’s cannabis industry is in a major state of flux. Our massive oversupply, plummeting prices, and widespread industry consolidation have been a boon for consumers and for tax revenue, but it’s come at the cost of overshadowing the value of Oregon’s craft cannabis producers. To be fair, sometimes consumers simply want

Know Your Grower: Dirty Arm Farm

Today my holiday series of Discreet Cannabis Consumption looks at a new line of sublingual cannabis tinctures from Dirty Arm Farm, producers of tippy-top-shelf extracts which consistently rank as a favorite of dab connoisseurs. The comprehensive care and quality control standards which has gone into making their brand one of the

Hana Medicinals: Cannabis Infused Drink Powders Are Next Level Options

Three types of a powdered cannabis beverage are laid out on a wooden table.

The holidays are fast approaching, and over the coming weeks I'm going to be looking at cannabis products and tools which may be used for discreet consumption—for a couple reasons. One, because there isn't always a safe space to spark one up when visiting family or in-laws, and two, not having

Legally Growing Your Own Cannabis? You’ll Need Two Things You Can’t (Yet) Buy.

a small cannabis plant

Have you heard? Cannabis is now legal in Oregon for adults 21 and older! I know, it's pretty great. And provided you live at least 1,000 feet away from a school, you may grow up to four plants. Which is also pretty great. Considering this is a state that encourages its residents

DIY Getting High: Making Cannabis Rosin With John “Green Bodhi” Bayes

A jar of cannabis buds sits next to a hair straightening iron and some parchment paper

(The original title of this piece was "He Hath Rosin", a title I still prefer.) Cannabis concentrates go by many names: shatter, wax, dabs, sweat of Freddie Mercury (no, not really). Oftentimes, concentrates are made by using butane or propane as a solvent to extract THC and terpenes from cannabis, resulting in