The High Holy Daze: Making Cannabis Edibles As Holiday Gifts

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Recently The Portland Mercury, which is where the "Cannabuzz" columns began and ran for nearly six years, asked if I would like to contribute to their annual "Holiday Food and Drink Guide". They wanted my hot take on single malt scotches for the guide, until I reminded them I write about

Cannabis Bulletproof Coffee Is The Greatest Ever

Unless you've been living in a remote cave without access to news (in which case I weep tears of bitter jealousy for your life), you’ve heard of the many reported health and performance benefits of a magical elixir known as “Bulletproof Coffee” AKA Butter Coffee. (It sounds better in Spanish:

How To Store Your Cannabis

Storing cannabis long-term may not be a pressing issue for those who don’t have a great deal of it, or for those who consume it at a rate where long-term storage isn’t a really a concern. But be it a bountiful homegrown harvest, a great score made from your local dispensary,

The Pechoti Method Delivers Cannabinoids Through Your Belly Button

There are many ways to consume cannabis: smoking, vaping, eating, sublingually, topically, and even via rectal and vaginal suppositories. All have their particular benefits, and that list would seemingly encompass everymanner of getting THC and CBD into your body—except for cannabis nasal sprays and ear drops, because I’m not sure

When Adding Cannabis To A Situation Is Maybe A Bad Idea

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By now, some of the more frequent readers of this column will have gathered that I am pro-cannabis. I believe cannabis is pretty great in a variety of settings. And bravely, I stand by that assessment. However, I have been in situations where cannabis use was a bad call, and while I

DIY Getting High: Making Cannabis Rosin With John “Green Bodhi” Bayes

A jar of cannabis buds sits next to a hair straightening iron and some parchment paper

(The original title of this piece was "He Hath Rosin", a title I still prefer.) Cannabis concentrates go by many names: shatter, wax, dabs, sweat of Freddie Mercury (no, not really). Oftentimes, concentrates are made by using butane or propane as a solvent to extract THC and terpenes from cannabis, resulting in

When Cannabis Edibles Become Regretibles

A stack of 5 chocolate chip cookies sits next to a single bud of cannabis

It's easy to overdo it with cannabis-infused edibles. Stories of overindulgence are a dime a dozen, and the topic of "ODing" on marijuana food products keeps popping up in the news. On one front, you have the eye-rolling first-person account of Maureen Dowd eating part of a pot-laced chocolate bar and melting

Ganja Claus Is Coming To Town: Adding Cannabis To Your Holidays

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It's the most wonderful time of the year, or it can be. The recreational use of cannabis during the holidays is one of the highlights of the season. The pretty lights get prettier, wrapping gifts goes from tedious to terrific, and eggnog becomes nectar of the gods—especially for someone with cotton

A Short Glossary Of Cannabis Terminology

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AS RECREATIONAL cannabis stores in Washington State open this month, a new demographic emerges: the clueless-but-cannabis-curious. If you still use the term "doobie" and are flummoxed by the endless array of newfangled acronyms and terminologies, get with the now, hippie. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol)—There are over 400 chemical compounds in cannabis, with more

Can You Really Fly With 24 Ounces Of Cannabis?

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Before 9/11, flying with contraband was... different. Weed and other, more nefarious substances were routinely slipped down pants, into bras, or for the brave and extra paranoid, "keistered." Travelers flying in from weed meccas such as Hawaii or Humboldt often brought examples of the local horticulture, the sale of which paid for