Oregon Medical Cannabis Patients See Purchase Limits Deeply Reduced

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On Thursday, the OLCC passed a temporary rule which radically changed, without warning, the amount of flower that an Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) patient may purchase. Previously, an OMMP patient or caregiver could purchase up to 24 ounces per day from a dispensary. Beginning today, Friday, August 24, that amount

Give Thanks To Elvy Musikka, Legendary Cannabis Trail (And Joint) Blazer

Elvy Musikka is the stoned grandmother I always wanted, and if you meet her, you’ll feel the same. The OG cannabis activist lives in Eugene, Oregon, and she’s the definition of a firebrand. She’s also something of a rarity in this country—someone who receives cannabis from the federal government, at no

Cannabuzz: The Week in Cannabis How to Lobby 101

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I HAVE GOOD NEWS! Today we're going to explore how you can shatter the myth of the lazy, unmotivated, forgetful stoner and defend cannabis consumers everywhere. And you can do it while stoned and sitting down! Plus, you can sit down! Wait...what? I also have not-so-good news! It's going to involve taking time out

Cannabis News: What Happened While You Were Getting High

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    YOU CAN NOW FLY WITH POT FROM PDX As I've written in a previous column, you can fly with up to a pound and a half if you have your Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) card (I have several times). But if you don't have a card, you can still fly with

Three Dispensaries Talk The Coming Of Recreational Cannabis

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THERE IS MUCH confusion, hope, and worry over how recreational cannabis will roll out in Oregon. One option being considered is licensing Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) dispensaries for recreational sales. It's a scenario with many advantages, especially because Portland is already conveniently littered with them. In some cases, there are also hidden

Cannabuzz: The Week in Cannabis Cannabis Confusion in the Capital

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This week, I'm going to fail you as a cannabis columnist. This is not to say I have accepted a god that frowns upon using a plant that said deity itself created. Nor does it mean the title of this column has changed to "Cokebuzz, the Week in Cocaine News!" ("As part

Two Days At The Oregon Medical Marijuana Business Conference

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Early on a Sunday morning is hardly the time you want to be standing on a street corner in heavy rain waiting for a BoltBus, but that's where I found myself two weekends ago. I was heading to the Oregon Medical Marijuana Business Conference in Eugene, and my aforementioned status should

Cannabis Is Now Legal In Oregon. What’s Next May Not Work For Everyone.

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NOW THAT Measure 91 has passed, it's worth examining the fresh challenges awaiting those in the cannabis industry. First, consider that this is an industry started and developed by outlaws. These are people who have spent years, if not decades, working and living in the shadows. Because of their source of income, most

Can Cannabis Based “Rick Simpson Oil” Treat Cancer?

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Most of us know someone who has battled cancer. Words fail to describe what a living nightmare it is for those afflicted, and for those who love them. Over the years, hope has waxed and waned for a cure, and despite the prominence of pink ribbon-embossed clothing, electronics, and buckets of

Vote Yes On Measure 91 To Legalize Cannabis In Oregon

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I hope you will vote "yes" on Measure 91. This paper has already endorsed a yes vote, as have other Oregon publications of note. To restate the reasons: We have been fighting a racist, expensive war on drugs that failed us decades ago. The taxes raised from legal marijuana will support schools, law enforcement,

What Does It Costs To Grow Cannabis? Anyone? Bueller?

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I'm starting to think no one likes me. Not uncommon, but still... I've spoken to at least five people, posted on six sites, and sent 10 emails. My only question: "How much does it cost to grow six indoor cannabis plants, from seed or clone, to completion?" That's an important question, because the

Getting An Oregon Medical Marijuana Program Card

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SO YOUR ROOMMATE has this card, and he gets to grow weed and smoke weed and travel with weed, and he can go to these shops that sell weed and buy even more weed. And all he had to do was tell his doctor: "I, like, need weed and stuff." And

(From 2014) Meet New Approach Oregon, Organizers Behind The Cannabis Legalization Ballot Measure

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I SPOKE with Peter Zuckerman, communications director for New Approach Oregon (newapproachoregon.com), whose marijuana ballot initiative qualified last month for the November ballot. I asked him to break down exactly how the measure, if passed, would work. "Treating marijuana as a crime has failed," he says.  "Instead of letting the current

Some Cannabis Terms Demystified

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If you have visited a medical cannabis dispensary in Oregon, or if you've checked out the recently opened recreational stores in Washington, you've noticed the labels that list THC and CBD content—along with CBN, and any residual pesticides, molds, mildews, or other horrible things that you don't want to ingest. Where

Can You Really Fly With 24 Ounces Of Cannabis?

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Before 9/11, flying with contraband was... different. Weed and other, more nefarious substances were routinely slipped down pants, into bras, or for the brave and extra paranoid, "keistered." Travelers flying in from weed meccas such as Hawaii or Humboldt often brought examples of the local horticulture, the sale of which paid for