How Bad Is Government Cannabis? I Had It Tested. Elvy Musikka Interview Part 2

In my last column, I interviewed Elvy Musikka, one of two remaining Americans to receive medical marijuana from the federal government, which is grown at the University of Mississippi. We were both curious about the potency and terpenes in the six pounds of cannabis pre-rolls provided to her every year, so

How Bad Is Federally Grown Weed? Let’s Find Out. Elvy Musikka Interview, Part One

Over the years of writing this column, I’ve gotten to meet and interview a lot of great people. One of my all-time favorite subjects to spend time with is Elvy Musikka, whom I profiled in 2017 for being one of the last remaining Americans approved to receive cannabis from the

Give Thanks To Elvy Musikka, Legendary Cannabis Trail (And Joint) Blazer

Elvy Musikka is the stoned grandmother I always wanted, and if you meet her, you’ll feel the same. The OG cannabis activist lives in Eugene, Oregon, and she’s the definition of a firebrand. She’s also something of a rarity in this country—someone who receives cannabis from the federal government, at no

The Feds Want To Hook You Up With Fat Sacks Of Cannabis! Uh Oh….

A sitting clown gives the thumbs up sign wearing a US flag hat

TRUE OR FALSE? The federal government grows cannabis, and it wants to sell you some. True. But before you go asking for some sweet "Uncle Sam OG" at your local dispensary, hang tight. It won't be worth your time. Last month, the good people at the National Institute on Drug Abuse (or NIDA,