Can Cannabis Prevent and/or Treat COVID-19?

A mural of the character Spock from Star Trek has a surgical mask someone has attached which is fluttering in the breeze.

A recent study has many asking if cannabis may be useable in the prevention, treatment, or as a cure for COVID-19. Before anyone gets too excited, let's explore if cannabis is truly a Super Silver Haze bullet against the pandemic. The buzz about this leads back to a study performed

Cannabis Legalization Has Led To More Research Studies

A black female lab staff member is sorting through some samples in liquids in test tubes submerged in a bowl filled with ice

For decades, cannabis research has been criminally negligent, due to backward, fear-based, repressive prohibitionist beliefs. There's a school of thought which believes this may be due in part to Big Pharmaceutical not wanting the public to have a more comprehensive understanding of a plant that you can grow yourself and might

Cannabis Superior to OTC Sleep Aids

There's a reason sleep deprivation is used as a form of torture, because after just a few nights of enduring it, many will gladly give up state secrets. About 70 million people in the United States struggle with sleep disorders, the most common being insomnia. (“Can’t insomnia simply be cured by

The Cannabis Science Conference Is Returning To Portland

Are you into the science of cannabis? No, for real though—do you bore people to tears with your excited, long-winded ravings abut weed, using fancy 75-cent words? (I don't do that, okay?)  Are graphs, charts, and PowerPoint presentations about cannabis what makes you happy? Then it's time to go, get your

The Pechoti Method Delivers Cannabinoids Through Your Belly Button

There are many ways to consume cannabis: smoking, vaping, eating, sublingually, topically, and even via rectal and vaginal suppositories. All have their particular benefits, and that list would seemingly encompass everymanner of getting THC and CBD into your body—except for cannabis nasal sprays and ear drops, because I’m not sure

Fibromyalgia Pain Can Be Treated With Cannabis

Fibromyalgia (FM) is a condition as difficult to treat as it is to pronounce and spell. It affects some 10 million people in the US, yet treatments options are limited. That has nothing to do with the fact that 75 to 90 percent of those afflicted by FM are women, I'm

How Do Joints Compare to Dabs in Strength?

Time for a quick round of "Would You Rather...?": Special Cannabis Edition! But instead of the normal scenarios requiring players to select from two less than desirable choices ("Would you rather drink bong water that hasn't been changed in a month, or eat the scrapings of built up residue from the

The NFL Doesn’t Like Medical Cannabis

On Sunday, February 3, the Super Bowl will be played between the Los Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots, two teams hailing from states (California and Massachusetts) with regulated medical/recreational cannabis programs. One hundred million will watch, and while I won't be one of them, here's to a really big

The FDA Wants To Hear Your Thoughts On Cannabis

A cannabis plant is seen under a red light, highlighting a leaf.

Would you like to share your thoughts with the Federal Gubbermint about cannabis? I hope so, because from now until October 31, they actually want to hear from you about your fondness for the devil's lettuce. Actually, they're looking to hear from ALL people who have feelings about weed—including those who

Can A Cannabis Suppository Help Women’s Periods?

A cartoon drawing of a uterus has a cannabis leaf superimposed

I've spent a great deal of time over the past couple of months talking with women about their uteruses and vaginas, their menstrual flow, cramping, and the use of panty liners. I've learned the intricacies of—or, at least, how to pronounce—endometriosis. Was I studying for my gynecologist exam? No, I've been

Better Sex Through THC

a woman in underwear in lying on a bed

TODAY'S COLUMN is about cannabis and copulation. Really? Yep. Now, my mother reads this (hi Mom!), so let's try and be adults. So... ahem... how do these two things go together? For many people, stress can be a prime killer of bang-bang sexy times. And as we all know, smoking or vaping

Who Gets High at Work, And On What? Why Your Fast Food Order Is Frequently Wrong.

VIA TREATMENT4ADDICTION.COM (The original title of this was "Baristas and Bumps: The Drugs We Do, by Profession", but because Google is my God, I had to change it. It's my preferred title.) A new study from (did Prince name them? Was "" taken?) examines drug use by profession. According to the

The Feds Want To Hook You Up With Fat Sacks Of Cannabis! Uh Oh….

A sitting clown gives the thumbs up sign wearing a US flag hat

TRUE OR FALSE? The federal government grows cannabis, and it wants to sell you some. True. But before you go asking for some sweet "Uncle Sam OG" at your local dispensary, hang tight. It won't be worth your time. Last month, the good people at the National Institute on Drug Abuse (or NIDA,

Two Days At The Oregon Medical Marijuana Business Conference

A black man in a baseball cap holds a lighter up to a glass one hitter

Early on a Sunday morning is hardly the time you want to be standing on a street corner in heavy rain waiting for a BoltBus, but that's where I found myself two weekends ago. I was heading to the Oregon Medical Marijuana Business Conference in Eugene, and my aforementioned status should

Can Cannabis Based “Rick Simpson Oil” Treat Cancer?

A pink ribbon representing women's cancer awreness

Most of us know someone who has battled cancer. Words fail to describe what a living nightmare it is for those afflicted, and for those who love them. Over the years, hope has waxed and waned for a cure, and despite the prominence of pink ribbon-embossed clothing, electronics, and buckets of