Greater Goods Presents “Good Things Market Pop-up” Next Weekend

Good Things Market Pop Up Event August 14 and 15

Today is National CBD Day, and if you know what's good for you, you got me a card to celebrate this highest of high holy days, and maybe a nice CBD related gift as well. (Hint: Chocolate.) Wait...what? Insofar as I got mail delivered today, and my bank is open, National CBD

Drive By Truckers frontmen “quarantine shows” are perfect stoned soundtracks

The Drive By Truckers have achieved a storied, decades long career filled with both critical and commercial success, and aside from some personnel changes in the early years, the constant throughout has been the magic of The Dimmer Twins - co-frontmen Patterson Hood and Mike Cooley. After playing together for some

Cannabis Chefs Cooking Competition Coming To Portland


Do you like food? I know that’s a loaded question, and I don’t mean to intrude... but do you? Cool, me too. Common ground found! Now, do you also enjoy cannabis? Get out, so do I! Final question: Have you ever tried food after consuming cannabis, and/or food prepared with

Judging The Oregon High Times Cannabis Cup: Part Two

As a judge for the High Times Oregon Cannabis Cup, I was assigned “vape cartridges” as my product to review. Normally, that would have been great—but in light of what at the time was the still evolving EVALI (E-cigarette Vaping Associated Lung Injury) crisis, naturally I had concerns. A month prior to

Judging The High Times Cannabis Cup (Part One)

As someone who writes for three newspapers, I’ve learned that most publications have two sides: editorial, which produces articles and artwork, and sales, which sells the ads and produces the events that pay for what editorial creates. This can lead to conflicted feelings for their readership, who might enjoy the publication’s

The Cannabis Science Conference Is Returning To Portland

Are you into the science of cannabis? No, for real though—do you bore people to tears with your excited, long-winded ravings abut weed, using fancy 75-cent words? (I don't do that, okay?)  Are graphs, charts, and PowerPoint presentations about cannabis what makes you happy? Then it's time to go, get your

Portland’s Cannabis Policy Oversight Team Wants YOU

Do you enjoy bitching and moaning about the things Portland gets wrong with cannabis policy? Ooooooh, me too! Grumbling about ganja and how the city deals with it is a fine way to pass some time, especially when done while burning down a fat one and holding forth with insights like,

California Music Fest Allowed Cannabis Sales, Consumption

Last week, I wrote about how Lowell Farms' cannabis café is opening next month in West Hollywood, California. It'll be the first space of its kind in the US, allowing guests to purchase and consume cannabis onsite. Over the weekend, another first-of-its-kind cannabis event took place in Northern California, and the

LA Gets A Cannabis Consumption Cafe, Oregon Does Not

Something that should have been a claim to fame for Oregon is now the subject of bragging rights for California—and, like a donut made by a livid baker, I am filled with both jelly and anger. Next month will see the debut of Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Cafe, a space in

Mary Janes: The Women of Weed

Women have taken leadership roles in every conceivable aspect of the cannabis industry, and a recent documentary captures the depth and diversity of the successes of these women, whom the filmmakers have dubbed "Puffragettes," as you well know from the classic David Bowie track "Puffragette City." (Goddammit, Josh...—Ed.) On Wednesday, July

Check Out the National Cannabis Diversity Awareness Convention March 8th

I attend many cannabis conferences in many places, and have recounted, dear reader, my experiences. To save you having to search for these columns and posts, here is a quick summation: The attendees, speakers, and vendors are primarily male and white. On the other hand, the War on Drugs—and on cannabis in

Shine Papers Has Hidden Gold in Portland

Do you have plans for February 4? I'm asking because I can't recall if I mentioned it last time I saw you—again, sorry about your rug—and there's an event on that date which any cannabis consumer will probably want to take part in, an honest-to-god scavenger hunt for a gold briefcase

Mike Tyson Throwing a Weed And Music Fest

Coachella lineup got you down? Well, you may have another reason to trek to the desert. Mike Tyson, former heavyweight champion of the world (and arguably one of the funnier bit players in The Hangover), announced last year he was opening a "cannabis resort" in the California Desert. I wrote about that

MJBiz Con 2018: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

  In November 2018, I attended the annual MJBizCon in Las Vegas. It’s the largest cannabis convention in the world, featuring 27,000 attendees from 70 countries, with 1,000 exhibitors, three days of speakers, break-out lunches, and afterparties. I didn’t visit all 1,000 booths or meet all 27,000 attendees, although “Hi, I’m

Cannabis Deals For Black Friday

A red neon Sale sign is seen in a store window

This week, we gather together to share and express our gratitude—for friends, family, and super-duper low prices on cannabis. This isn't a new thing. In a market where cannabis prices just keep falling, it's hard to imagine that prices can get any lower. But they can, so instead of trampling, pushing, and