Why The Cannabis “Black Market” Continue To Thrive

The rapidly growing cannabis industry has a complicated relationship with the competing retail sector often described with a loaded term: the Black Market. “Black Market” is a reference to exchanges where seller and buyer deal in illegal goods and/or avoid taxes and regulations by conducting their business “in the shadows,” hence

Los Angeles Expunges 66,000 Cannabis Convictions

Few things are perfect, and that includes the manner in which legalized adult-use cannabis programs have been regulated. While it’s easy and fun to list all the ways regulatory agencies have, and continue, to screw things up, the good parts include increased access to clean, tested cannabis products, abundant tax

L.A’s Cannabis Licensing Process for Social Equity Applicants Called Out as Fiasco

A crucial component of any medical or recreational cannabis program should be the concept of “social equity.” Much like the terms “organic,” “natural,” and “social media influencer,” it can be overused and void of any real meaning, but in general, social equity in cannabis is the idea that support and preference

Women Executives In Cannabis Outpaces Other Industries

Where do women stand in the labor force, aside from underpaid? According to the US Department of Labor, "Of the 123 million women age 16 years and over in the U.S., 72 million, or 58.6 percent, were labor force participants—working or looking for work. Women comprised 47 percent of the total

Mary Janes: The Women of Weed

Women have taken leadership roles in every conceivable aspect of the cannabis industry, and a recent documentary captures the depth and diversity of the successes of these women, whom the filmmakers have dubbed "Puffragettes," as you well know from the classic David Bowie track "Puffragette City." (Goddammit, Josh...—Ed.) On Wednesday, July

LGBTQIA+ And THC: Gay Pride And Cannabis

While Portland’s Pride celebrations have mostly wrapped up, Pride Month continues all the way through the end of June. It’s a month chosen to commemorate the Stonewall Riots of 1969, but 50 years later, Pride Month has grown to draw attention to the many concerns facing LGBTQIA+ communities, including safety, housing

LA Has So, So Many Illegal Dispensaries

I visit LA regularly, but I struggle to adequately explain the differences that city's cannabis scene has with Oregon's, or even the Bay Area. In October 2017, I wrote a column about shopping at LA dispensaries shortly before California instituted their legalized recreational program. Even then, I wasn't able to get

Social Equity In Cannabis Remains Elusive

One of the best things about the legalization of cannabis has been the accompanying assurance that a portion of cannabis tax and licensing revenue would be allocated for equity programs. These programs are designed to address discrimination against people of color (POC)—from the racist policies that placed the heaviest burden of

No Citizenship For Immigrants Working In Cannabis

Last year, I wrote a piece that looked at the perils of working in the cannabis industry, or using cannabis, for undocumented individuals, and even had in translated into several languages in the hope that it would reach the largest intended audience. Last week, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)

Biggie Smalls Estate Entering The Cannabis Industry

I've written (okay, fine, bitched) about the number of celebrities entering the cannabis space, and while it may be well intentioned, it doesn't always sit well with consumers who want their weed brands to have a legitimate connection to the industry. A celebrity brand that gives back something to the community

DA in Dallas Easing Up On Cannabis

Getting busted for weed in Dallas is nothing to fuck with. I speak from experience, having family there that I visit while being very aware that my cannabis activities could easily result in seriously unpleasant dealings with Texas law enforcement. But a recent announcement from the Dallas County District Attorney may change

Three Examples of Cannabis Being Dangerous

The growth of regulated cannabis has created jobs, increased tax revenue, helped to begin curbing the opioid crisis, and, through expungement programs, ever so slightly reduced the impact the War on Drugs has had on communities of color. Legal weed’s not perfect—yet—but it’s doing more good than harm, and is a

Check Out the National Cannabis Diversity Awareness Convention March 8th

I attend many cannabis conferences in many places, and have recounted, dear reader, my experiences. To save you having to search for these columns and posts, here is a quick summation: The attendees, speakers, and vendors are primarily male and white. On the other hand, the War on Drugs—and on cannabis in

MedMen And Other Garbage Brands Oppose Medical Cannabis Home Grows In New York

One of the most cannabis-intolerent states for decades, New York, has recently made cannabis legalization a fast-track issue, from city to statehouse. That's great news, but late week it came to light that some interests do not want a recreational cannabis program that allows individuals to grow their own at

Washington State May Expunge Cannabis Offenses

If you or someone you know was busted in Washington State for a misdemeanor cannabis possession charge, Governor Jay Inslee (D) has announced that a new program to provide some relief, and something that never should have been can now be undone. And it's only taken seven years since cannabis was