Drive By Truckers frontmen “quarantine shows” are perfect stoned soundtracks

The Drive By Truckers have achieved a storied, decades long career filled with both critical and commercial success, and aside from some personnel changes in the early years, the constant throughout has been the magic of The Dimmer Twins - co-frontmen Patterson Hood and Mike Cooley. After playing together for some

Blazing up in the courtroom get Tennessee man jail time, to no one’s great surprise

When I was 20, I did some pretty stupid shit. It was barely balanced out by doing some pretty cool shit, a small fraction of which still holds up today to the merciless scrutiny of the young peoples. But much as the meme proclaiming that while “you may be cool, but

DA in Dallas Easing Up On Cannabis

Getting busted for weed in Dallas is nothing to fuck with. I speak from experience, having family there that I visit while being very aware that my cannabis activities could easily result in seriously unpleasant dealings with Texas law enforcement. But a recent announcement from the Dallas County District Attorney may change

Three Examples of Cannabis Being Dangerous

The growth of regulated cannabis has created jobs, increased tax revenue, helped to begin curbing the opioid crisis, and, through expungement programs, ever so slightly reduced the impact the War on Drugs has had on communities of color. Legal weed’s not perfect—yet—but it’s doing more good than harm, and is a

Alabama, Florida and Georgia Advance on Medical Cannabis Issues

Smokable bud is finally coming to Florida's medical dispensaries. Yesterday I wrote about a Florida cannabis story, one that was a fine example of very poor judgment in the South. But it was about Florida, so that's a given. As far as cannabis goes, things are generally improving in the South,

Florida Man Does Stupid Stuff With Cannabis

If there's a news story that involves bizarre, stupid, or downright stupid and bizarre behavior, it's usually taking place in the state most likely to not be missed when the climate change floods come. Don't @ me, I'm right about this. I've lived in Florida, so I speak with some unwanted authority. There's

Florida Candidate Loses Wells Fargo Account Over Cannabis Contribution

An Ariel photo of a Florida beach coastline

It's not breaking news that cannabis businesses and the banking industry have a contentious and ugly relationship fueled by paranoia and fear. The vast majority of US banks will neither make loans to, nor open and maintain accounts for, cannabis businesses. Therefore, these businesses are shut out of access to credit and

Drive By Truckers: Smoking Out The Set Of A Music Video

The Drive By Truckers stand beneath a freeway overpass playing their instruments

I’ve written before about how my work in the music industry often collides with my work in the wide, wide world of weed, in a service I've deemed "Backstage Budtending". Much of it involves gifting musicians and their crew with cannabis and cannabis-infused products, and sharing what I know about which products

Georgia Okays Cannabis For Medical Use…Sort Of

The word Atlanta is seen painted on a wall

Today in Atlanta, Georgia Republican Governor Nathan Deal signed a medical marijuana bill into law that allows individuals to posses up to 20 ounces of cannabis oil to treat eight medical conditions, including late stage cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Lou Gehrig's disease, and seizure disorders. This is AWESOME, except it's really not.