Bunny Wailer Got Me Busted

Reggae singer Bunny Wailer is on stage

The countdown to cannabis legalization has begun. Soon many of us will be able to grow plants at home. We'll be able to leave our house carrying up to one ounce, and have eight ounces at home. It's still hard to wrap my head around these freedoms. I've spent three weekends in

Who Raps About Cannabis The Most?

It’s summer, and that means it’s time to get together with friends and family, some of whom definitely partake. Do you have a playlist for these times? It’s not hard to put together a banging summer soundtrack for these barbecues, parties, and al fresco sessions. A cannabis-themed collection of cuts will

Mickey Hart “Mind Your Head” Cannabis Line Launches For Grateful Fans

Celebrity endorsements of cannabis may be irritating (looking at you, then quickly looking away, Post Malone) or deeply offensive (Hell will see you soon enough, John Boehner). Sometimes the relationship between cannabis and public figures seems tenuous at best, leaving consumers to question if the endorser is truly a joker, a

Biggie Smalls Estate Entering The Cannabis Industry

I've written (okay, fine, bitched) about the number of celebrities entering the cannabis space, and while it may be well intentioned, it doesn't always sit well with consumers who want their weed brands to have a legitimate connection to the industry. A celebrity brand that gives back something to the community

Cannabis Doesn’t Make You Cool, and Billa Is Proof

I'm a strong believer that cannabis can serve as a tool to build community, foster closeness, heighten intimacy, and forge opportunities for developing and maintaining friendships. It's a great way to bridge differences and find commonalities, gain insight to the viewpoints of others, and expand perspectives of our communities. I send

Check Out the National Cannabis Diversity Awareness Convention March 8th

I attend many cannabis conferences in many places, and have recounted, dear reader, my experiences. To save you having to search for these columns and posts, here is a quick summation: The attendees, speakers, and vendors are primarily male and white. On the other hand, the War on Drugs—and on cannabis in

Mike Tyson Throwing a Weed And Music Fest

Coachella lineup got you down? Well, you may have another reason to trek to the desert. Mike Tyson, former heavyweight champion of the world (and arguably one of the funnier bit players in The Hangover), announced last year he was opening a "cannabis resort" in the California Desert. I wrote about that

Drive By Truckers: Smoking Out The Set Of A Music Video

The Drive By Truckers stand beneath a freeway overpass playing their instruments

I’ve written before about how my work in the music industry often collides with my work in the wide, wide world of weed, in a service I've deemed "Backstage Budtending". Much of it involves gifting musicians and their crew with cannabis and cannabis-infused products, and sharing what I know about which products