LGBTQIA+ And THC: Gay Pride And Cannabis

While Portland’s Pride celebrations have mostly wrapped up, Pride Month continues all the way through the end of June. It’s a month chosen to commemorate the Stonewall Riots of 1969, but 50 years later, Pride Month has grown to draw attention to the many concerns facing LGBTQIA+ communities, including safety, housing

Peak Extracts Is an Oregon Cannabis Brand You Should Know

Oregon’s cannabis industry is in a major state of flux. Our massive oversupply, plummeting prices, and widespread industry consolidation have been a boon for consumers and for tax revenue, but it’s come at the cost of overshadowing the value of Oregon’s craft cannabis producers. To be fair, sometimes consumers simply want

Check Out the National Cannabis Diversity Awareness Convention March 8th

I attend many cannabis conferences in many places, and have recounted, dear reader, my experiences. To save you having to search for these columns and posts, here is a quick summation: The attendees, speakers, and vendors are primarily male and white. On the other hand, the War on Drugs—and on cannabis in

Pax Has A Pod For Pride Month

A PAX Era Vape pen rests against a box with a PAX Pod designed for Pride Month. The Pax Era is engraved with the words Everybody is free to love

June is Pride Month, and under the administration of President Ragin' Cage 'Em, it's become more important than ever to be a strong ally, and to stand and support your friends, family, and neighbors in LBGTQIA+ communities. Let them know you see, love, and hear them, and you fight like hell