The “Cannabis During COVID-19” Chronicles

I last wrote about the virus on March 9, 2020. Six days later, the newspapers carrying my column lost 90% of their revenue, and I lost 100% of my syndicated column. At that time, Governor Kate Brown declared a statewide State of Emergency the night before, and the scope of

Cannabis Now Employs Nearly 250,000

Leafly has released their fourth annual Cannabis Jobs Report, and despite the troubling news of hundreds of recent industry layoffs, cannabis remains a fast track growth industry. The numbers and industry expansion are impressive, but are still just a fraction of what would be possible when cannabis is eventually made legal.

Washington State Wants To Water Down Concentrates

A group of Washington State lawmakers have put forth a bill which, while being well intentioned, could result in greater harm to the group of cannabis consumers they're expressing concern over protecting. It would also drastically reduce the quality and selection of products available to cannabis consumers, and send Washington consumers

Drones Delivering The Dro Coming To Seattle?

When cannabis was legalized in Washington in 2012, jokes soon followed that it was just a matter of time until Amazon “starts a service to deliver cannabis to your front door via drone.” That hasn’t happened—yet—but recent news indicates it may not be that far off. Last month, Seattle based GRN

Robberies Of Washington State Cannabis Facilities Leads to Changes

Officials at the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WLCB) have responded to requests from numerous cannabis businesses to make a change in the way information about the businesses is shared with the public. After several cannabis businesses were recently burglarized, the WLCB has agreed to remove a map on its

Someone Is Robbing Washington Cannabis Growers

With all the expensive and visually intimidating security equipment and other measures that licensed cannabis producers are required install and maintain, you wouldn't think weed thefts would be a concern. Sun-grown and greenhouse crops are a different story, based on the tens of thousands of square feet they occupy. But indoor?

Cannabis Convictions In Washington State Are Being Expunged

If you were unlucky enough to be convicted for misdemeanor or gross misdemeanor cannabis offenses in Washington State prior to cannabis being legalized, well, that really sucks, and I'm sorry. The vile absurdity of how we treat those who partook of weed before it became a taxed and regulated commodity remains

The UW Wants To Pay Pregnant Pot Users For Interviews

Few things can put your cannabis use on hold like getting pregnant. (Ironic, seeing as many couples may attribute cannabis use for the pregnancy to begin with.) Expectant mothers usually forgo cannabis out of caution and concern, but there are exceptions, as it can be effective for some of the side

Illegal Cannabis Grows On Federal Lands Down in Oregon, Washington

Among the bad things cannabis prohibition wrought was the environmental damage brought on by illicit growers who secretly set up shop in our big, beautiful national forests. These growers weren't striving for permaculture—no Clean Green organic certification in these operation. In fact, one of the not-so-secret shames of the cannabis industry

Cannabis Growing Spaces in Washington State Are Underutilized

The growing pains of Oregon's cannabis industry have been well documented, but to help us not feel quite so alone as the price of flower continues its decline, let us cast our gaze across the mighty Columbia—to Washington, which first passed a legal cannabis program (along with Colorado) back in

Washington State May Expunge Cannabis Offenses

If you or someone you know was busted in Washington State for a misdemeanor cannabis possession charge, Governor Jay Inslee (D) has announced that a new program to provide some relief, and something that never should have been can now be undone. And it's only taken seven years since cannabis was

Washington Cannabis Dispensaries Fail ID Compliance Check

Seattle at sunset

On Wednesday morning, the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board revealed that they had just completed "compliance checks" to make recreational dispensaries were only selling to canna-consumers aged 21 and over. These checks, the first ones performed, were held in Western Washington, and involved 22 recreational cannabis shops. So, how

Washington State Cannabis News Update

A nighttime photo of the Seattle Public Place Market sign

Not So High Times If you were planning to head to the Emerald City for the High Times US Cannabis Cup, the Seattle PI has some bad news: It's been canceled. Although High Times has held the event in the Seattle area for the past three years, the implementation of I-502 (Washington's recreational

Reefer Roundup: This Week In Cannabis News

A photo of the Total Basin framed by Cherry blossoms

It's time for a "Reefer Roundup" of cannabis news you may have missed, or simply got high, and forgotten you'd seen. It happens. (Most) Drugs Are Bad, Mmmmkay? Scientific Reports, a subsidiary of Nature, has published findings that rank the "risk of death associated with the use of a variety of commonly

Dispensary Dispatch: When Washington Began Selling Cannabis

A man is weighing out cannabis onto a scale in a dispensary

"HEY, EVERYBODY, happy 425! So, uh, yeah, good for you guys!" The nervous thirtysomething man, dressed in his Papa John's finery, thrust out a promotional container of cookie dough from the stack he's struggling to hand out to people in line. "When you're done, um, you know, come see us, okay? Happy