Is High Times On It’s Way Out?

I recently wrote about how the cannabis industry has been rocked by losses and layoffs in 2019, and this troubling news hasn’t been strictly limited to growers, producers, delivery services, and dispensaries. Last week brought the news that cannabis media organizations are being hit hard, and one of the giants

“Beyond Buds: Next Generation” Sets The Bar For Cannabis Books

There’s no shortage of books about cannabis, and the groaning, overstuffed top shelf of my ancient IKEA bookcase speaks to that in... volumes. Grow guides, histories of cannabis, reference sources, cookbooks, cannabis spa guides, how-to-roll-a-joint handbooks—when the Great Cascadia Earthquake hits, I will likely die crushed by a quarter ton

High Times and the “World Hemp Expo Extravaganja”: How Not To Throw A Cannabis Festival

A group of festival goers dance and smoke cannabis

High Times magazine and their events are having a rough go of it lately. The all-things-weed publication had to withdraw from Washington and Oregon last year after failing to secure locations for their Cannabis Cup events. And amid numerous complaints and concerns, their annual 4/20 party had to move to a new

Washington State Cannabis News Update

A nighttime photo of the Seattle Public Place Market sign

Not So High Times If you were planning to head to the Emerald City for the High Times US Cannabis Cup, the Seattle PI has some bad news: It's been canceled. Although High Times has held the event in the Seattle area for the past three years, the implementation of I-502 (Washington's recreational