Portland’s Shadowbox Farms Was Robbed of Cannabis, Carts

Stealing isn't cool. It never has been, and never will be. Be it a candy bar or an election, you shouldn't take things that don't rightfully belong to you. Of course, dear reader, this is something you already know, nor do you need the admonishment that you should not purchase

How Do Joints Compare to Dabs in Strength?

Time for a quick round of "Would You Rather...?": Special Cannabis Edition! But instead of the normal scenarios requiring players to select from two less than desirable choices ("Would you rather drink bong water that hasn't been changed in a month, or eat the scrapings of built up residue from the

Know Your Grower: Dirty Arm Farm

Today my holiday series of Discreet Cannabis Consumption looks at a new line of sublingual cannabis tinctures from Dirty Arm Farm, producers of tippy-top-shelf extracts which consistently rank as a favorite of dab connoisseurs. The comprehensive care and quality control standards which has gone into making their brand one of the

“Beyond Buds: Next Generation” Sets The Bar For Cannabis Books

There’s no shortage of books about cannabis, and the groaning, overstuffed top shelf of my ancient IKEA bookcase speaks to that in... volumes. Grow guides, histories of cannabis, reference sources, cookbooks, cannabis spa guides, how-to-roll-a-joint handbooks—when the Great Cascadia Earthquake hits, I will likely die crushed by a quarter ton

Cannabis Deals For Black Friday

A red neon Sale sign is seen in a store window

This week, we gather together to share and express our gratitude—for friends, family, and super-duper low prices on cannabis. This isn't a new thing. In a market where cannabis prices just keep falling, it's hard to imagine that prices can get any lower. But they can, so instead of trampling, pushing, and

What’s The Story With 710, And What Does It Have To Do With Dabbing?

A man jumps and does "the Dab" high above a city

Today is July 10. It’s a special day for those of you who enjoy concentrates and extracts, although if you do enough dabs, any day can be a special day. Numerically speaking, today is 7/10. Virtually all dispensaries will have sales on numerous forms of dabs, so stock up, and give thanks

When Adding Cannabis To A Situation Is Maybe A Bad Idea

The word No

By now, some of the more frequent readers of this column will have gathered that I am pro-cannabis. I believe cannabis is pretty great in a variety of settings. And bravely, I stand by that assessment. However, I have been in situations where cannabis use was a bad call, and while I

DIY Getting High: Making Cannabis Rosin With John “Green Bodhi” Bayes

A jar of cannabis buds sits next to a hair straightening iron and some parchment paper

(The original title of this piece was "He Hath Rosin", a title I still prefer.) Cannabis concentrates go by many names: shatter, wax, dabs, sweat of Freddie Mercury (no, not really). Oftentimes, concentrates are made by using butane or propane as a solvent to extract THC and terpenes from cannabis, resulting in

Dabcathalon: This Was A Very Bad Idea

A statue of the five Olympic Rings sits above the ocean at sunset

Ah, the mighty Decathlon. The name comes from the Greek words for "10" and "feat," and Olympians from around the planet gather every four years to partake in the competition that many deem to be the greatest challenge for any elite athlete. But fuck that. We decided to undertake an athletic feat that

Cannabis Concentrates 101: What’s A Dab, And Do You Need One?

A man in a parka and ball cap reading Swag does "The Dab" move

Dabbing is hot right now. Flip through an issue of High Times, and you'll find full-page ads for dabbing tools and "the purest butane on earth." Maybe you're just curious, or maybe you're seeking the ultimate extreme high—but whether dabs are for you depends on a variety of factors. Dabs are servings of

A Short Glossary Of Cannabis Terminology

A dictionary is open to the word dictionary, with a yellow tassel bookmark laying across the page

AS RECREATIONAL cannabis stores in Washington State open this month, a new demographic emerges: the clueless-but-cannabis-curious. If you still use the term "doobie" and are flummoxed by the endless array of newfangled acronyms and terminologies, get with the now, hippie. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol)—There are over 400 chemical compounds in cannabis, with more