Know Your Grower: Dirty Arm Farm

Today my holiday series of Discreet Cannabis Consumption looks at a new line of sublingual cannabis tinctures from Dirty Arm Farm, producers of tippy-top-shelf extracts which consistently rank as a favorite of dab connoisseurs.

The comprehensive care and quality control standards which has gone into making their brand one of the most sought-after on Oregon dispensary shelves is in full effect with their new product: Adropinol Cannabis Sublingual Drops.

Dirty Arm sent over a bottle of each of their three types—it comes in a THC formula, a CBD one, and a 1:1 mix of both—and I have no issue stating that these are my favorite new tincture products.

The reasons why are science-heavy, and may contain some uncommon terminology, so get your gray matter in gear and be prepared to Google as I break it down.

As Dirty Arm Farm’s website explains, Adropinol (not to be confused with Adabinol) is the first organic raw hempseed oil sublingual product with live resin cannabis as its base, which provides the full spectrum of terpenes and cannabinoids to the user.

Their formulations are “NanoEnhanced,” which provides outstanding rates of product absorption, as “nano spheres have demonstrated the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier, deposit their cargo intracellularly, and enhance lymphatic circulation of nutrients. This formulation activates the body’s internal endocannabinoid system to uptake.”

How is this done? Science!

Liposomes are microscopic single- to multi-layer spheres made of phospholipids—the basic building blocks of cell membranes.

Dirty Arm Farm “engineers the phospholipids to bypass the digestive processes that normally degrades or limits compound absorption.” Cannabis is like any other supplement or vitamin—if the body can’t absorb it, it passes through without being fully utilized by your system.

Adropinol comes in a high-THC, high-CBD, and 1:1 ratio formulas. Each drop contains 2.5 milligrams, and is placed under the tongue for 30 seconds.

That lovely organic peppermint oil added isn’t just for taste—the mint serves as a vasodilator to aid in absorption. This unique combination of ingredients and formulation means it comes on with lightning speed—I felt the effects within two minutes of taking it.

The highly concentrated formula means a bottle that’s smaller than my lip balm, and I needed just a few drops instead of a full eyedropper’s worth, which is a major bonus in terms of discretion. Each bottle contains 100 servings, enough to provide relief for you and friends and family.

Dirty Arm shares that Adropinol was developed in response to a pediatric patient with cerebral palsy, underscoring the longstanding relationship they have with the medical cannabis community.

I’d say that these drops have immense potential for those needing precise and rapid cannabis-based medicine. Better living through chemistry!

Josh Taylor is a well-known and successful entrepreneur in the legal cannabis space, producing B2B and B2C cannabis events, "Backstage Budtending" and upscale concierge services through his companies and His weekly syndicated newspaper column and features about cannabis ran for five years until March 2020.

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