The “Cannabis During COVID-19” Chronicles

I last wrote about the virus on March 9, 2020. Six days later, the newspapers carrying my column lost 90% of their revenue, and I lost 100% of my syndicated column. At that time, Governor Kate Brown declared a statewide State of Emergency the night before, and the scope of

Weedmaps Subpoenaed By Feds

A potentially explosive announcement came out this week that Weedmaps, the website and app used by millions to locate dispensaries and delivery services, has been subpoenaed by the Feds to share information about how, and with whom, they do business. This seemingly is being done by the Feds to take action

Los Angeles Expunges 66,000 Cannabis Convictions

Few things are perfect, and that includes the manner in which legalized adult-use cannabis programs have been regulated. While it’s easy and fun to list all the ways regulatory agencies have, and continue, to screw things up, the good parts include increased access to clean, tested cannabis products, abundant tax

Cannabis Now Employs Nearly 250,000

Leafly has released their fourth annual Cannabis Jobs Report, and despite the troubling news of hundreds of recent industry layoffs, cannabis remains a fast track growth industry. The numbers and industry expansion are impressive, but are still just a fraction of what would be possible when cannabis is eventually made legal.

L.A’s Cannabis Licensing Process for Social Equity Applicants Called Out as Fiasco

A crucial component of any medical or recreational cannabis program should be the concept of “social equity.” Much like the terms “organic,” “natural,” and “social media influencer,” it can be overused and void of any real meaning, but in general, social equity in cannabis is the idea that support and preference

California Music Fest Allowed Cannabis Sales, Consumption

Last week, I wrote about how Lowell Farms' cannabis café is opening next month in West Hollywood, California. It'll be the first space of its kind in the US, allowing guests to purchase and consume cannabis onsite. Over the weekend, another first-of-its-kind cannabis event took place in Northern California, and the

LA Gets A Cannabis Consumption Cafe, Oregon Does Not

Something that should have been a claim to fame for Oregon is now the subject of bragging rights for California—and, like a donut made by a livid baker, I am filled with both jelly and anger. Next month will see the debut of Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Cafe, a space in

California Still Battling Illegal Cannabis Growers

California is still making its way through the weeds (thanks, I'm here all week...) as far as its adult-use cannabis program goes, and the focus lately has been working for the clampdown on the illicit marketplace. A few recent activities give insight as to how that's going. Let's start with illicit

LGBTQIA+ And THC: Gay Pride And Cannabis

While Portland’s Pride celebrations have mostly wrapped up, Pride Month continues all the way through the end of June. It’s a month chosen to commemorate the Stonewall Riots of 1969, but 50 years later, Pride Month has grown to draw attention to the many concerns facing LGBTQIA+ communities, including safety, housing

LA Has So, So Many Illegal Dispensaries

I visit LA regularly, but I struggle to adequately explain the differences that city's cannabis scene has with Oregon's, or even the Bay Area. In October 2017, I wrote a column about shopping at LA dispensaries shortly before California instituted their legalized recreational program. Even then, I wasn't able to get

Mickey Hart “Mind Your Head” Cannabis Line Launches For Grateful Fans

Celebrity endorsements of cannabis may be irritating (looking at you, then quickly looking away, Post Malone) or deeply offensive (Hell will see you soon enough, John Boehner). Sometimes the relationship between cannabis and public figures seems tenuous at best, leaving consumers to question if the endorser is truly a joker, a

Dr. Bronner’s Hopes To Clean Up In Cannabis

Dr. Bronner's, the largest natural soap-maker in the world with the smallest label font known to exist, has always seemed like a product used by people who also use cannabis. Call it a hunch. CEO David Bronner has done quite well for himself making a soap with 101 uses, and the

Permits For California Cannabis Growers In Limbo

California has a cannabis problem, in that the state is behind—waaaaay behind—in getting cannabis growers the licenses they need to grow legally. As Marijuana Business Daily explains, the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) issues these grower permits. As of April 16, the CDFA had issued 62 annual permits, and 564

Biggie Smalls Estate Entering The Cannabis Industry

I've written (okay, fine, bitched) about the number of celebrities entering the cannabis space, and while it may be well intentioned, it doesn't always sit well with consumers who want their weed brands to have a legitimate connection to the industry. A celebrity brand that gives back something to the community

California Legalizes Statewide Cannabis Deliveries

When California implemented their legalized recreational cannabis program, one thing that wasn't worked out was the possibility of home delivery service. The convenience factor of having a wide variety of lab-tested cannabis products brought to your home, allowing you to forgo leaving the damn house, is one of the marvels of