Mickey Hart “Mind Your Head” Cannabis Line Launches For Grateful Fans

Celebrity endorsements of cannabis may be irritating (looking at you, then quickly looking away, Post Malone) or deeply offensive (Hell will see you soon enough, John Boehner). Sometimes the relationship between cannabis and public figures seems tenuous at best, leaving consumers to question if the endorser is truly a joker, a

Why is 4/20 a “Cannabis Holiday”?

A cannabis cafe in the Netherlands with a neon sigh reading Coffeeshop Reefer

Happy high holy day holiday! Even the most numeric challenged mathlete among us knows that 4/20 is Stoner Christmas, Puff Puff Passover, and Kwanzaa Kush Day rolled into one special day or dispensary discounts and comically large joints. But why 4/20? What mystical connection does this number have to cannabis? Grab a mop