Reviewing the Year in Hemp

2019 was arguably the biggest year for hemp since 1937, when it, along with all forms of cannabis, was first criminalized. The passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, which removed hemp from the Controlled Substances Act has had explosive, though uneven, results. As with cannabis, rules and regulations for hemp vary from

CBD Product Labels Wildly Inaccurate

CBD products are all the rage, and so is the debate as to their effectiveness. Some believe it’s nothing more than modern day snake oil, predicated on baseless claims and promises. Others believe it can be a matter of the product using alcohol distillate versus full spectrum CBD. And don’t forget

Authorities Seize 10 Million Cannabis Plants Posing as Hemp

The plant that produces the flowers you smoke to get all high and stuff—which we will call "cannabis"—differs in appearance from the hemp plant that doesn't get you high but is capable of producing the CBD that's going to fix everything wrong with you. It doesn't differ by much, but it

Portland Greater Goods Opens a CBD Products Store

Greater Goods

As great as it is to be able to buy your CBD at the Gas 'n' Sip—and it is, really—you may want your CBD offerings to be produced and presented in a slightly more...Pacific Northwesterly manner. Artisan. Organic. Small batch. Women positive/owned. Innovative. And probably bearded. A place you can go

Florida Having Issues With Cannabis Enforcement, Because Science

The legalization of hemp as a crop has led to some great things. (Yay, hemp!) But nothing is everything all the time, and legal hemp is causing some massive headaches for officials in Florida (much like the type of headaches you get when you smoke hemp). It's a very special Florida

Now That Hemp’s Legal, What About CBD?

Cannabis—and the devil’s cannabinoid, THC—are all the rage, but hemp and CBD have recently been gaining just as much national attention. The passage of the 2018 Farm Bill made hemp farming legal, which led many to assume that hemp, and the CBD that can be processed from it, would immediately be

FDA To Curaleaf: Enough Of The Unsubstantiated CBD Claims

By now, every gas station, bodega, salon, tire repair store, shoeshine stand, salsa dance studio, wig shop, and sex club for furries is selling CBD products, which as we all know will quickly and cheaply regrow hair, fix your flaccid penis, end insomnia, make you taller, and cure cancer while

Italian Big Pharma Losing Sales To CBD

While many of you are sadly pouring out a 40 for your favorite fallen fictional Throne Game character, perhaps I can bring some light into your day with some good news about the benefits of cannabis, at least until someone releases "Jon Snowpocalypse Kush," a strain which is beautiful, yet

San Francisco Expunges Over 9,000 Cannabis Convictions

Despite its history of flower children and Haight-Ashbury, San Francisco has always had a rather vigorous and overly enthusiastic law enforcement system which perhaps didn't, um, work well with communities of color. Some unfun facts: In 2010-2011, Blacks made up six percent of the population of San Francisco; during that same

Italian EasyJoints Are Low THC Options For Consumers

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about how hemp flower is being sold in Oklahoma as "legal weed," and is being smoked by people who in all likelihood would much rather have access to something with a greater amount of THC than 0.3 percent. I'm an advocate for consumers

Oklahoma Offering Hemp For Sale – Tons Of It

Before Oregon legalized cannabis, and even before the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program was in place, I was an avid consumer of cannabis. A steady supply of high-quality craft cannabis was not always available to me, though, so I was at times reduced to partaking of whatever was available. That meant smoking

Hemp To Be Legalized By 2018 Farm Bill

By the time you read this, it's entirely possible that the 2018 Farm Bill will have just passed. That's notable for several reasons, none more so than the provision which would legalize hemp production. This would then radically change the landscape for CBD extracted from hemp, which is the source of

High Times and the “World Hemp Expo Extravaganja”: How Not To Throw A Cannabis Festival

A group of festival goers dance and smoke cannabis

High Times magazine and their events are having a rough go of it lately. The all-things-weed publication had to withdraw from Washington and Oregon last year after failing to secure locations for their Cannabis Cup events. And amid numerous complaints and concerns, their annual 4/20 party had to move to a new

Oregon Hemp Convention Wraps Up The Season

A field of Hemp plants

If you're like me—and Jah help you if that's the case—you may have what people who play doctors on TV call "Cannabis Event Fatigue." This condition develops when you've spent nearly every weekend this summer inside a chain-hotel ballroom, attending conferences, seminars, expos and gatherings, all revolving around weed. Some were atrociously