Cannabis Superior to OTC Sleep Aids

There's a reason sleep deprivation is used as a form of torture, because after just a few nights of enduring it, many will gladly give up state secrets. About 70 million people in the United States struggle with sleep disorders, the most common being insomnia. (“Can’t insomnia simply be cured by

A Medical Cannabis Opponent in Utah Makes His Money From Major Opioid Sales

There are reasons why someone could be opposed to a regulated cannabis program: religious beliefs, or concerns it'll lead to the abuse of far more dangerous substances, or ignorance over pot's impact and effects. Oh, and children—won't someone please think of the children! (Just not in a Jeffrey Epstein way.)

Italian Big Pharma Losing Sales To CBD

While many of you are sadly pouring out a 40 for your favorite fallen fictional Throne Game character, perhaps I can bring some light into your day with some good news about the benefits of cannabis, at least until someone releases "Jon Snowpocalypse Kush," a strain which is beautiful, yet

Fentanyl in Cannabis? That’s Not A Thing.

Kellyanne Conway lied about something! Again! This week, the White House counselor and opioid crisis czar falsely stated during a news conference, yet again, that cannabis is being laced with fentanyl, bringing her blatant-lie tally to roughly 218,738. The story is likely to gain traction with outlets such as Fox News, but

Alcohol Is More Dangerous Than Other Drugs: Study

There 's no shortage of news reports regarding the many dangers cannabis poses to our society. So very many horrible, terrible, very bad, godless, irreversible dangers. And while some of them have merit—i.e., cannabis edibles should always, always, ALWAYS be secured somewhere where children and pets have no opportunity to consume

When The Family Business Is Pushing Opioids

They sell drugs in the hood But the man, he move the medicine He’ll prescribe you all meds for everythin' —The Roots, “Rising Down” With recreational programs rapidly expanding in the US and abroad, it should be a shock that cannabis professionals are still equated with “drug pushers.” Of course, the people who draw these

Who Gets High at Work, And On What? Why Your Fast Food Order Is Frequently Wrong.

VIA TREATMENT4ADDICTION.COM (The original title of this was "Baristas and Bumps: The Drugs We Do, by Profession", but because Google is my God, I had to change it. It's my preferred title.) A new study from (did Prince name them? Was "" taken?) examines drug use by profession. According to the