LA Has So, So Many Illegal Dispensaries

I visit LA regularly, but I struggle to adequately explain the differences that city's cannabis scene has with Oregon's, or even the Bay Area. In October 2017, I wrote a column about shopping at LA dispensaries shortly before California instituted their legalized recreational program. Even then, I wasn't able to get

Illegal Cannabis Grows On Federal Lands Down in Oregon, Washington

Among the bad things cannabis prohibition wrought was the environmental damage brought on by illicit growers who secretly set up shop in our big, beautiful national forests. These growers weren't striving for permaculture—no Clean Green organic certification in these operation. In fact, one of the not-so-secret shames of the cannabis industry

He Served A Record 39 Years For Cannabis

Cannabis legalization programs have had the remarkable benefit of motivating cities and counties to begin expunging the records of people who were arrested for possessing or consuming cannabis back in the day, sometimes before there were even medical cannabis programs. You might think that this overdue restorative justice would also include

Record Cannabis Bust In Southern Oregon

Earlier this month, Oregon State Police made what they are calling a record bust of illicit cannabis, and no matter where you stand on the unregulated marketplace, the chutzpah of those involved is impressive based solely the staggering volume of what was seized. But it touches on a question as to

Three Examples of Cannabis Being Dangerous

The growth of regulated cannabis has created jobs, increased tax revenue, helped to begin curbing the opioid crisis, and, through expungement programs, ever so slightly reduced the impact the War on Drugs has had on communities of color. Legal weed’s not perfect—yet—but it’s doing more good than harm, and is a

The Secret Ingredient in Madrid Hashish Isn’t Good

If you're reading this while enjoying a beverage or perhaps some food, I'm about to do you a big favor and suggest you hold off partaking of those pleasures while you read this. Trust me. Many Americans will be traveling to Europe this summer, and some of them will be enjoying

Fentanyl in Cannabis? That’s Not A Thing.

Kellyanne Conway lied about something! Again! This week, the White House counselor and opioid crisis czar falsely stated during a news conference, yet again, that cannabis is being laced with fentanyl, bringing her blatant-lie tally to roughly 218,738. The story is likely to gain traction with outlets such as Fox News, but

Florida Man Does Stupid Stuff With Cannabis

If there's a news story that involves bizarre, stupid, or downright stupid and bizarre behavior, it's usually taking place in the state most likely to not be missed when the climate change floods come. Don't @ me, I'm right about this. I've lived in Florida, so I speak with some unwanted authority. There's

There’s Too Much Cannabis In Oregon Right Now

Oregon produces more cannabis than it consumes, causing endless consternation from regulatory and law enforcement agencies. This oversupply has resulted in threats from the state’s attorney general that authorities needed to step up their efforts to deal with it. It’s also sent weed prices plunging 50 percent last year, and predictions

Cannabis By Mail Order? Big mistake.

Every day, we are afforded the opportunity to make choices, both good and bad. When riding crowded public transit, do we remain in our seat, or offer it to someone who looks like they could use it more? (Offer the seat.) When given too much change by a cashier, do we

Cannabis Concentrates 101: What’s A Dab, And Do You Need One?

A man in a parka and ball cap reading Swag does "The Dab" move

Dabbing is hot right now. Flip through an issue of High Times, and you'll find full-page ads for dabbing tools and "the purest butane on earth." Maybe you're just curious, or maybe you're seeking the ultimate extreme high—but whether dabs are for you depends on a variety of factors. Dabs are servings of

Cannabis Is Now Legal In Oregon. What’s Next May Not Work For Everyone.

An image of a cannabis leaf superimposed over an outline of the State of Oregon

NOW THAT Measure 91 has passed, it's worth examining the fresh challenges awaiting those in the cannabis industry. First, consider that this is an industry started and developed by outlaws. These are people who have spent years, if not decades, working and living in the shadows. Because of their source of income, most

A Cannabis History Lesson

PERHAPS you have an older relative who entertains (or bores) you with tales of how in their day, they bought marijuana by the "lid," and it had crazy names like Santa Marta Gold, Panama Red, and Thai stick. And it wasn't just cheaper, it was better—it made you laugh for hours,