Deportation Is a Danger of Vaping

It’s easy to forget that simply because a state has a medical cannabis program, that program doesn’t mean law enforcement is chill about anyone without a medical card using cannabis. “Bro, it’s just some weed” isn’t going to get you out of a jam with Johnny/Joanie Lawperson in some cases. As I

Clemency Given to Drug War Prisoners

This week, the semi-sentient sack of rotting half-masticated KFC and fearful hate, Donald Trump, pardoned and commuted the criminal charges of a bunch of trashy white men, including all-stars such as former Illinois Governor Rod R. Blagojevich, Michael “Junk Bond King” Milken, and former New York City police commissioner Bernard

3 Pounds Of Cannabis Results in Life Sentence

Legalized cannabis programs have generated tax revenue and created jobs, and have also moved cities and counties to implement expungement programs to remove previous cannabis-related arrests and convictions. But these programs only go so far, and there are still those who may not be eligible for expungement but deserve their freedom. Should

He Served A Record 39 Years For Cannabis

Cannabis legalization programs have had the remarkable benefit of motivating cities and counties to begin expunging the records of people who were arrested for possessing or consuming cannabis back in the day, sometimes before there were even medical cannabis programs. You might think that this overdue restorative justice would also include

DA in Dallas Easing Up On Cannabis

Getting busted for weed in Dallas is nothing to fuck with. I speak from experience, having family there that I visit while being very aware that my cannabis activities could easily result in seriously unpleasant dealings with Texas law enforcement. But a recent announcement from the Dallas County District Attorney may change

Give the FDA Your Thoughts On Cannabis

In the time it would take you to post a photo of your lunch to Instagram, or apply bunny ears and cat whiskers to yet another car-based selfie—both things that are enjoyed by your followers far less than you assume—you could use that time to actually contribute something with potential

Majority of Cannabis Ballot Measures Pass

A scattering of small round stickers reading "I voted" lay on a white table

Last night we saw (thank god) a Blue Wave. And as primary-school finger painting taught me, you can't make green without blue—and there was also a Green Wave last night as well. As I wrote yesterday, four states had cannabis-related measures on the ballot—two with medical programs (Missouri and Utah), and