Positions of Presidential Candidates on Cannabis

The White House

The Black Mirror-like reality show that is our upcoming presidential election is down to two candidates for the Democratic nomination (one if you believe the national press, though with the COVID-19 crisis upending everything... all bets are off), with the eventual nominee running against the semi-sentient, rotting sack of KFC,

Cannabis Now Employs Nearly 250,000

Leafly has released their fourth annual Cannabis Jobs Report, and despite the troubling news of hundreds of recent industry layoffs, cannabis remains a fast track growth industry. The numbers and industry expansion are impressive, but are still just a fraction of what would be possible when cannabis is eventually made legal.

Illinois and Michigan To Start Legalized Cannabis Programs

One midwestern state recently began, and another is about to begin, regulated cannabis sales, and it’s worth looking at what numbers have been racked up for the first, and what's expected for the other. First up, Michigan—whose state motto makes it sound like they may already be high (“Si quaeris peninsulam

Children Are Not Accessing Cannabis Through Dispensaries

One of the ongoing arguments by cannabis prohibitionists is that establishment of a regulated cannabis program will result in those under 21 having increased access to cannabis through dispensary sales. “Our children don’t need to be buying weed from these stores” is a common complaint, and the cannabis industry agrees. No,

Federal Cannabis Legalization Still Moving Slowly

Time for yet another entry my long-running series “Just Legalize the Damn Plant Already: Federal Edition.” Much like The Big Bang Theory was, it’s a terrible series with bad actors that has been going on for far too long. As you may recall, cannabis has been illegal at the federal level

Status Check On Federal Cannabis Legalization

Regular readers of this column—hi, Mom!—will attest I am a strong proponent of cannabis legalization at the national level. Not simply rescheduling cannabis from Schedule 1 to Schedule 2 (or even lower), but full-out descheduling, making weed a legal commodity. That’s the dream, but it won’t happen until the great white

On January 1, 2020, Cannabis Becomes Legal In Illinois

Last week, the Illinois Senate passed a bill to establish a recreational cannabis program, and Gov. Pritzker has announced he will sign it, having run on a platform supporting such action. Illinois' cannabis law goes in effect on January 1, 2020, making it the 11th state to offer a recreational program,

An Exclusive Interview with Phylos Bioscience CEO Mowgli Holmes

On May 10, 2019 I sat down with Phylos Bioscience CEO Mowgli Holmes and Phylos Director of Marketing Paige Hewlett for an interview. I wanted to talk about the negative response from the cannabis community to Phylos' announcement that they would be entering the cannabis breeding business. You can read more about

The FDA Wants to Hear From You on CBD

Since the Farm Bill passed earlier this year—and with it the legalization of hemp—CBD has become the white-hot next big thing, and it's showing up everywhere, in everything. The Food and Drug Administration has begun a crackdown on CBD when added to food and beverages, or whenever health claims are made.

Alabama, Florida and Georgia Advance on Medical Cannabis Issues

Smokable bud is finally coming to Florida's medical dispensaries. Yesterday I wrote about a Florida cannabis story, one that was a fine example of very poor judgment in the South. But it was about Florida, so that's a given. As far as cannabis goes, things are generally improving in the South,

There’s Too Much Cannabis In Oregon Right Now

Oregon produces more cannabis than it consumes, causing endless consternation from regulatory and law enforcement agencies. This oversupply has resulted in threats from the state’s attorney general that authorities needed to step up their efforts to deal with it. It’s also sent weed prices plunging 50 percent last year, and predictions

MedMen And Other Garbage Brands Oppose Medical Cannabis Home Grows In New York

One of the most cannabis-intolerent states for decades, New York, has recently made cannabis legalization a fast-track issue, from city to statehouse. That's great news, but late week it came to light that some interests do not want a recreational cannabis program that allows individuals to grow their own at

Blumenauer Introduces Bill to Regulate Cannabis On Par With Alcohol

Representative Earl Blumenauer, US congressman for the 3rd district of Oregon, introduced a new congressional bill last week, H.R. 420. (Yes, it's actually numbered 420, and that's on purpose.) The bill seeks to support research for faster bong-cleaning systems, address chronic cotton mouth, and provide financial support for businesses to use

NYC Loves THC: Governor Cuomo Comes Around on Cannabis


Long overdue, yet seemingly taking shape faster than most thought possible, a recreational cannabis program may finally be coming to New York. Last week, New York Governor (and former fan of Sex and the City) Andrew Cuomo announced that he making cannabis legalization in New York a priority for 2019, his

Beer Makers Begin Investment In Cannabis

beer being pored into a glass

The company that makes an inexplicably popular beer that gives me cringe shivers when I choke it down because it tastes so bad  has made a joint $100 million investment to find a way to make THC- and CBD-infused beverages. The industry that contributed untold dollars to prohibitionist efforts has now