Cannabis Legalization Has Led To More Research Studies

A black female lab staff member is sorting through some samples in liquids in test tubes submerged in a bowl filled with ice

For decades, cannabis research has been criminally negligent, due to backward, fear-based, repressive prohibitionist beliefs. There's a school of thought which believes this may be due in part to Big Pharmaceutical not wanting the public to have a more comprehensive understanding of a plant that you can grow yourself and might

Canada Consumes Copious Quantities of Cannabis Edibles

A woman looks out over a lake, mountains and trees, her back is to the camera, and she wears a hat. She is wrapped in a Canadian flag.

To the North, the people once again doing a better job with virtually every aspect of their society than we are, Canada, continues the development of their nationwide cannabis program with new product categories coming to market, resulting in what the Toronto Sun dubbed “Edibles Madness.” Cannabis flower has been legal

Canadian Government Does Not Want “Fun” Used To Market Cannabis. Um, Okay.

Oregon has some issues with how we regulate our cannabis programs, with truly baffling and seemingly self-defeating rules and regulations. For example, those who grow and process cannabis are forbidden from sharing samples with legal-aged consumers, because, um... look, don’t worry about why, they just are, okay? Rules are rules! Even if

Canada Bets On Cultivation Of Colombian Cannabis

While Canada sorts out the inevitable challenges that arise when an entire country legalizes cannabis, it remains a money magnet for cannabis investors, who are throwing hundreds of millions of dollars at the Canuck kush scene. After initial hiccups, sales are like you after a seventh dab—really high, and getting higher.

Fibromyalgia Pain Can Be Treated With Cannabis

Fibromyalgia (FM) is a condition as difficult to treat as it is to pronounce and spell. It affects some 10 million people in the US, yet treatments options are limited. That has nothing to do with the fact that 75 to 90 percent of those afflicted by FM are women, I'm

An Exclusive Interview with Phylos Bioscience CEO Mowgli Holmes

On May 10, 2019 I sat down with Phylos Bioscience CEO Mowgli Holmes and Phylos Director of Marketing Paige Hewlett for an interview. I wanted to talk about the negative response from the cannabis community to Phylos' announcement that they would be entering the cannabis breeding business. You can read more about

Phylos Bioscence CEO Speaks About Recent Upheaval

Cannabis insiders have been reeling in response to recent news about Phylos Bioscience, a Portland-based cannabis science company that has been cultivating a comprehensive genetic database for our favorite plant. Phylos has historically relied on growers to freely submit their crops for DNA testing, so that each can be analyzed and

Italian Big Pharma Losing Sales To CBD

While many of you are sadly pouring out a 40 for your favorite fallen fictional Throne Game character, perhaps I can bring some light into your day with some good news about the benefits of cannabis, at least until someone releases "Jon Snowpocalypse Kush," a strain which is beautiful, yet

The Secret Ingredient in Madrid Hashish Isn’t Good

If you're reading this while enjoying a beverage or perhaps some food, I'm about to do you a big favor and suggest you hold off partaking of those pleasures while you read this. Trust me. Many Americans will be traveling to Europe this summer, and some of them will be enjoying

Canadian Cannabis Update

Let’s check in on how Canada’s doing with its national legalization of cannabis, four months in. It’s the largest cannabis legalization program ever undertaken, and even though Americans do terribly in learning from other countries (or from history), perhaps we can buck that trend and take away some insight from the

Does Legalized Cannabis Increase Illegal Imports?

Man vaping

It’s gearing up to be a banner year for legalized weed, but that doesn’t mean we can ease up on fighting prohibitionists. That means it’s time for another installment of our series “Prohibition Arguments, Cannalyzed™”—in which we dissect stupid anti-cannabis arguments by using words and common sense. Here’s a favorite one

Italian EasyJoints Are Low THC Options For Consumers

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about how hemp flower is being sold in Oklahoma as "legal weed," and is being smoked by people who in all likelihood would much rather have access to something with a greater amount of THC than 0.3 percent. I'm an advocate for consumers

Clueless On Cannabis Investing? Join The Club.

I'm often asked what I think about investing in the rapidly expanding cannabis stock markets. My response is the same as what you’d get if you asked a dog for his take on the intricacies of German biodynamic farming—near zero comprehension, evidenced by a tilting of the head, and possibly licking

Beer Makers Begin Investment In Cannabis

beer being pored into a glass

The company that makes an inexplicably popular beer that gives me cringe shivers when I choke it down because it tastes so bad  has made a joint $100 million investment to find a way to make THC- and CBD-infused beverages. The industry that contributed untold dollars to prohibitionist efforts has now

Is Cannabis In Mexico Now Legal? Kind Of

A close up of the flag of Mexico

Yesterday, social media blew up with news that "cannabis had been made legal in Mexico". Which is kind of, sort of  true, but before you start dusting off your high school Spanish textbook with plans to move to Oaxaca and open a dispensary, slow your roll and take uno momento por