Does Legalized Cannabis Increase Illegal Imports?

Man vaping

It’s gearing up to be a banner year for legalized weed, but that doesn’t mean we can ease up on fighting prohibitionists. That means it’s time for another installment of our series “Prohibition Arguments, Cannalyzed™”—in which we dissect stupid anti-cannabis arguments by using words and common sense. Here’s a favorite one

Is Cannabis In Mexico Now Legal? Kind Of

A close up of the flag of Mexico

Yesterday, social media blew up with news that "cannabis had been made legal in Mexico". Which is kind of, sort of  true, but before you start dusting off your high school Spanish textbook with plans to move to Oaxaca and open a dispensary, slow your roll and take uno momento por

A Cannabis History Lesson

PERHAPS you have an older relative who entertains (or bores) you with tales of how in their day, they bought marijuana by the "lid," and it had crazy names like Santa Marta Gold, Panama Red, and Thai stick. And it wasn't just cheaper, it was better—it made you laugh for hours,