An Exclusive Interview with Phylos Bioscience CEO Mowgli Holmes

On May 10, 2019 I sat down with Phylos Bioscience CEO Mowgli Holmes and Phylos Director of Marketing Paige Hewlett for an interview. I wanted to talk about the negative response from the cannabis community to Phylos' announcement that they would be entering the cannabis breeding business. You can read more about

Phylos Bioscence CEO Speaks About Recent Upheaval

Cannabis insiders have been reeling in response to recent news about Phylos Bioscience, a Portland-based cannabis science company that has been cultivating a comprehensive genetic database for our favorite plant. Phylos has historically relied on growers to freely submit their crops for DNA testing, so that each can be analyzed and

The Open Cannabis Project Is Shutting Down

The last couple of weeks in the Oregon cannabis industry have been filled with confusion, accusations, and pain over announcements made by Phylos Bioscience. Last night, news broke that in relation to the still-developing situation, the Open Cannabis Project (OCP) is shutting down on May 31, 2019. The Open Cannabis Project