He Served A Record 39 Years For Cannabis

Cannabis legalization programs have had the remarkable benefit of motivating cities and counties to begin expunging the records of people who were arrested for possessing or consuming cannabis back in the day, sometimes before there were even medical cannabis programs. You might think that this overdue restorative justice would also include

San Francisco Expunges Over 9,000 Cannabis Convictions

Despite its history of flower children and Haight-Ashbury, San Francisco has always had a rather vigorous and overly enthusiastic law enforcement system which perhaps didn't, um, work well with communities of color. Some unfun facts: In 2010-2011, Blacks made up six percent of the population of San Francisco; during that same

Micheal Bloomberg Is Not A Friend Of Cannabis Legalization

The rush of candidates running for the Democratic nomination for president is breathtaking and encouraging—looking at you, Elizabeth Warren, Kirsten Gillibrand, and Kamala Harris—and provided there is anything left of the US by election time, we could be looking at a candidate who favors cannabis legalization at the federal level. Well,

Majority of Cannabis Ballot Measures Pass

A scattering of small round stickers reading "I voted" lay on a white table

Last night we saw (thank god) a Blue Wave. And as primary-school finger painting taught me, you can't make green without blue—and there was also a Green Wave last night as well. As I wrote yesterday, four states had cannabis-related measures on the ballot—two with medical programs (Missouri and Utah), and

A Program To Target Minneapolis Cannabis Users Of Color Has Been Discontinued

The face of a young black man is shown in a black and white photo

While there are legit issues with cannabis here on the West Coast, overall we have it pretty good. Supplies are plentiful, selection is bountiful, and new strains and products are refined and released regularly. And in cities everywhere along the coast, there continues to be discussion and action around the issues

Now That Cannabis Legalization Measure 91 Has Passed, What’s Next?

Now that 2015 has arrived, I thought it might be helpful to review exactly what Measure 91 means (and doesn't mean) for you and your shiftless, frequently forgetful, and dry mouthed demon-weed-puffing brethren. First, nothing takes effect until July 1, so slow your joint roll, Captain Pakalolo. Which does not mean Johnny

Cannabis Is Now Legal In Oregon. What’s Next May Not Work For Everyone.

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NOW THAT Measure 91 has passed, it's worth examining the fresh challenges awaiting those in the cannabis industry. First, consider that this is an industry started and developed by outlaws. These are people who have spent years, if not decades, working and living in the shadows. Because of their source of income, most