Cannabis During COVID-19: Is It An “Essential” service?

When COVID-19 began to spread and businesses started shutting down, the question arose if dispensaries were going to be considered an "essential service". For the well being of myself and those within strangling distance of me, yes, it's a super essential service, and it behoves us all to keep that

OLCC Hits Cura With Record $110,000 Fine

In news from the “Department of Dubious Achievements,” local cannabis powerhouse Cura Partners, which promotes itself as the “largest cannabis oil company in Oregon and California” now lays claim to another “largest”—the largest ever fine in OLCC history, be it cannabis or alcohol. This was well covered by Pete Danko at

OLCC: No CBD In Alcoholic Drinks

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) has announced a ban beginning January 1 to prohibit makers of alcoholic beverages from adding CBD to the drinks. Until recently, the best known line of alcoholic drinks with CBD was arguably beers made and sold by Coalition Brewing, which recently shut down their operations. The

Medical Cannabis in Oklahoma is Big Business

There's a great deal of justified concerns and complaints regarding how the implementation of Oregon’s recreational cannabis plan decimated the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) , the state’s long running medical cannabis system. It’s resulted in fewer growers for patients, increased regulations and expense for those remaining OMMP growers, and

Is Oregon’s Oversupply of Cannabis a Myth?

The biggest story about Oregon cannabis in 2019 has been just how much of it we have—by most accounts, a six-year supply. Like a long-forgotten, dried-out joint, this story caught fire quickly, and burned hot. No matter where I traveled in the US this year, whenever someone learned I was from Oregon

There’s Too Much Cannabis In Oregon Right Now

Oregon produces more cannabis than it consumes, causing endless consternation from regulatory and law enforcement agencies. This oversupply has resulted in threats from the state’s attorney general that authorities needed to step up their efforts to deal with it. It’s also sent weed prices plunging 50 percent last year, and predictions

OLCC Threatens 41 Cannabis Growers With Loss of License

Operation Good Harvest—AKA "I Like To Watch"—has concluded, a first-time undertaking which sent OLCC inspectors onto the outdoor farms of recreational cannabis producers across the state to inspect, verify, and validate that growers were in full compliance. How did it go? Mmm... not so great. Marijuana Business daily summed it all up

Oregon Medical Cannabis Patients See Purchase Limits Deeply Reduced

A close up photo of an immature cannabis plant

On Thursday, the OLCC passed a temporary rule which radically changed, without warning, the amount of flower that an Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) patient may purchase. Previously, an OMMP patient or caregiver could purchase up to 24 ounces per day from a dispensary. Beginning today, Friday, August 24, that amount

Cannabuzz: The Week in Cannabis How to Lobby 101

A bored man sits at a desk looking at a laptop

I HAVE GOOD NEWS! Today we're going to explore how you can shatter the myth of the lazy, unmotivated, forgetful stoner and defend cannabis consumers everywhere. And you can do it while stoned and sitting down! Plus, you can sit down! Wait...what? I also have not-so-good news! It's going to involve taking time out

Cannabis News: What Happened While You Were Getting High

Man smokes a joint

    YOU CAN NOW FLY WITH POT FROM PDX As I've written in a previous column, you can fly with up to a pound and a half if you have your Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) card (I have several times). But if you don't have a card, you can still fly with

Cannabuzz: The Week in Cannabis Cannabis Confusion in the Capital

A yellow highway sign reads "Questions Answers"

This week, I'm going to fail you as a cannabis columnist. This is not to say I have accepted a god that frowns upon using a plant that said deity itself created. Nor does it mean the title of this column has changed to "Cokebuzz, the Week in Cocaine News!" ("As part

Two Days At The Oregon Medical Marijuana Business Conference

A black man in a baseball cap holds a lighter up to a glass one hitter

Early on a Sunday morning is hardly the time you want to be standing on a street corner in heavy rain waiting for a BoltBus, but that's where I found myself two weekends ago. I was heading to the Oregon Medical Marijuana Business Conference in Eugene, and my aforementioned status should

Now That Cannabis Legalization Measure 91 Has Passed, What’s Next?

Now that 2015 has arrived, I thought it might be helpful to review exactly what Measure 91 means (and doesn't mean) for you and your shiftless, frequently forgetful, and dry mouthed demon-weed-puffing brethren. First, nothing takes effect until July 1, so slow your joint roll, Captain Pakalolo. Which does not mean Johnny

Cannabis Is Now Legal In Oregon. What’s Next May Not Work For Everyone.

An image of a cannabis leaf superimposed over an outline of the State of Oregon

NOW THAT Measure 91 has passed, it's worth examining the fresh challenges awaiting those in the cannabis industry. First, consider that this is an industry started and developed by outlaws. These are people who have spent years, if not decades, working and living in the shadows. Because of their source of income, most

Grow Your Own Cannabis Under Measure 91

A single cured bud on cannabis sits atop on plexiglass box. Inside the box is more cannabis.

WHEN RECREATIONAL MARIJUANA becomes legal in Oregon in July 2015, each household will be able to grow up to four plants. While plenty of people will be content with store-bought bud, harvesting one's own seems to fit in with a particularly Portlandian mentality. After all, this is a city of gardeners. So