Vote Yes On Measure 91 To Legalize Cannabis In Oregon

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I hope you will vote "yes" on Measure 91. This paper has already endorsed a yes vote, as have other Oregon publications of note. To restate the reasons: We have been fighting a racist, expensive war on drugs that failed us decades ago. The taxes raised from legal marijuana will support schools, law enforcement,

Working in Weed: Cannabis Careers Are Coming

A young Black man with a backpack stands in front of a yellow banner behind him which reads Legal next to a cannabis leaf

MAYBE YOU'VE always wanted a job in the weed industry. Not slinging dime bags to polo-shirted broheims, or hawking hand-blown glass on a dirty blanket in the parking lot of a Dave Matthews concert—but an actual, honest-to-Jah, living-wage job with benefits, paid holidays, and even business cards. Is that even a thing? The

(From 2014) Meet New Approach Oregon, Organizers Behind The Cannabis Legalization Ballot Measure

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I SPOKE with Peter Zuckerman, communications director for New Approach Oregon (, whose marijuana ballot initiative qualified last month for the November ballot. I asked him to break down exactly how the measure, if passed, would work. "Treating marijuana as a crime has failed," he says.  "Instead of letting the current