Medical Cannabis in Oklahoma is Big Business

There's a great deal of justified concerns and complaints regarding how the implementation of Oregon’s recreational cannabis plan decimated the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) , the state’s long running medical cannabis system. It’s resulted in fewer growers for patients, increased regulations and expense for those remaining OMMP growers, and

Oklahoma Offering Hemp For Sale – Tons Of It

Before Oregon legalized cannabis, and even before the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program was in place, I was an avid consumer of cannabis. A steady supply of high-quality craft cannabis was not always available to me, though, so I was at times reduced to partaking of whatever was available. That meant smoking

Florida And Oklahoma Advance Medical Cannabis Programs

A pair of hands hold a small amount of cured cannabis

When I used to tour the country with various bands and artists, two of the least cannabis-friendly states we'd hit were Florida and Oklahoma. (The time I was asked to let the chief of police in a small Florida town onto our tour bus—in which nearly every flat surface was covered