Oregonians Produce Record Amounts of Cannabis in 2019

A new report by the Oregon Liquor Control Commision (OLCC) gives us a clearer answer to the question "how many cannabis growers are there and how much cannabis did the state produce in 2019?" (Albeit with data limited to licensed recreational growers, and not your “four plants” or however many your

Donate Toys While Buying Cannabis at Jayne

As they do every year, the holidays are rapidly bearing down on us like a runaway train—which makes it pretty difficult to pinpoint ways to share, care, and demonstrate goodwill toward others. Now I’m not advocating going door-to-door singing carols, because it’s cold, and if those guys showed up at my

Cannabuzz: The Week in Cannabis Cannabis Confusion in the Capital

A yellow highway sign reads "Questions Answers"

This week, I'm going to fail you as a cannabis columnist. This is not to say I have accepted a god that frowns upon using a plant that said deity itself created. Nor does it mean the title of this column has changed to "Cokebuzz, the Week in Cocaine News!" ("As part

Dispensary Don’ts: Cue The Cannabis Clowns

A woman dressed as a clown holds a large piece of paper

A COMMON MISPERCEPTION among my friends is that, as your cannabis columnist, I have a never-ending supply of High Times pot-porn centerfold-quality buds, concentrates, and edibles, all free and provided by smiling growers who have hand-tended each and every plant with the love one would show to a firstborn. Not exactly. While