Ripped City Organizing Dispensary Toy Drive Across Oregon

For many people, the holidays don’t officially kick off until Thanksgiving (AKA “Native Peoples Regret Not Building a Wall Day”), and for others it’s the following day, Black Friday. Many of us will be taking advantage of deep discounts at local dispensaries for Black Friday—especially with some stores knocking 50 percent

Donate Toys While Buying Cannabis at Jayne

As they do every year, the holidays are rapidly bearing down on us like a runaway train—which makes it pretty difficult to pinpoint ways to share, care, and demonstrate goodwill toward others. Now I’m not advocating going door-to-door singing carols, because it’s cold, and if those guys showed up at my

MindRite Dispensary Collecting For Oregon Food Bank

Don't start crying or having a panic attack, but the holidays are upon us. Next week is already "Dress Up Sexy, or Slutty, for a Profession That Is Traditionally Neither Day," and then, it's time to gird yourself for the Big Three. The holiday season drives a sizable uptick in cannabis use,

Eat Cannabis Chocolate To Help Babies In Cages

A selection of different cannabi sinfused chocolate bars are artsy arraigned against a plant as a backdrop

The horrific images of children being taken away from their undocumented parents, assigned numbers, and locked into rows of cages inside of repurposed Walmarts is a new subterranean level of vileness that hasn't been seen in generations. The resulting degree of heartbreak and defeat is nearly immeasurable, leaving good people struggling