New Study Shows Cannabis Can Treat PTSD Symptoms

Cannabis has a number of benefits for those who use it, including offering relief from stress, pain, insomnia, low appetite, and compromised libido. There's also longstanding anecdotal evidence that it’s good for one of the most widespread and growing health issues: post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). A study released last week shows that

Can Alcohol and Opioid Cravings Be Managed With CBD?

With CBD showing up in every damn thing everywhere—if your toothpaste doesn't have CBD in it, you're smiling all wrong—it can be easy to forget that despite the vastly overblown hype, CBD can actually do some amazing things. Two new studies show that CBD may be valuable tool for reducing cravings

Seniors Chronic Pain Can Be Treated With Cannabis

Many of us have a grandparent or elderly family member who, under doctors' orders, are taking more pharmaceuticals than they would like for chronic pain, side effects and all. But with more states allowing cannabis access through medical and recreational adult-use programs, some seniors are coming around to the idea that

Alcohol Is More Dangerous Than Other Drugs: Study

There 's no shortage of news reports regarding the many dangers cannabis poses to our society. So very many horrible, terrible, very bad, godless, irreversible dangers. And while some of them have merit—i.e., cannabis edibles should always, always, ALWAYS be secured somewhere where children and pets have no opportunity to consume

When The Family Business Is Pushing Opioids

They sell drugs in the hood But the man, he move the medicine He’ll prescribe you all meds for everythin' —The Roots, “Rising Down” With recreational programs rapidly expanding in the US and abroad, it should be a shock that cannabis professionals are still equated with “drug pushers.” Of course, the people who draw these