Drive By Truckers frontmen “quarantine shows” are perfect stoned soundtracks

The Drive By Truckers have achieved a storied, decades long career filled with both critical and commercial success, and aside from some personnel changes in the early years, the constant throughout has been the magic of The Dimmer Twins - co-frontmen Patterson Hood and Mike Cooley. After playing together for some

The Cannabis Science Conference Is Returning To Portland

Are you into the science of cannabis? No, for real though—do you bore people to tears with your excited, long-winded ravings abut weed, using fancy 75-cent words? (I don't do that, okay?)  Are graphs, charts, and PowerPoint presentations about cannabis what makes you happy? Then it's time to go, get your

Portland’s Cannabis Policy Oversight Team Wants YOU

Do you enjoy bitching and moaning about the things Portland gets wrong with cannabis policy? Ooooooh, me too! Grumbling about ganja and how the city deals with it is a fine way to pass some time, especially when done while burning down a fat one and holding forth with insights like,

The Smoke Trap Keeps Your Smoking Your Business

Back when I was working with bands and touring these here fine United States, one of the biggest concerns was smell. Not so much the rich aromas of a dozen sweaty men with questionable bathing schedules and hygiene habits rolling across endless miles of highways in a submarine with wheels (although

MJBiz Con 2018: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

  In November 2018, I attended the annual MJBizCon in Las Vegas. It’s the largest cannabis convention in the world, featuring 27,000 attendees from 70 countries, with 1,000 exhibitors, three days of speakers, break-out lunches, and afterparties. I didn’t visit all 1,000 booths or meet all 27,000 attendees, although “Hi, I’m

The City of Portland’s Cannabis Program Needs You To Do Your Civic Doobie

The marquee sign for the Portland Center For The Performing Arts is shown on a downtown Main Street in Portland, Oregon

Just because the elections are over doesn't mean your civic duty is done. If you have a strong interest in cannabis policy, your city needs you. Consider this the cannabis equivalent of the Bat Signal. The City of Portland is accepting applications until this Thursday, November 15, 2018 to apply for

Portland To Lower Cannabis Businesses Fees

The Tilikum Crossing Bridge spanning the Willamette River

Licensed cannabis businesses throughout Oregon face numerous challenges—an oversupply has led to continual falling prices, the OLCC has changed packaging requirements yet again, and no one can get a goddamn bank account. But in Portland, there's about to be some relief, and it's just the first step of an ongoing effort. Brandon