Cannabis Caused an Unwanted 12 Hour Erection

Most of what I put forth in the written word in this space seeks to educate and inform, including calls to action, product reviews, breakthroughs in cannabis research, and legislation pertaining to cannabis reform among other topics. Then, every once in while... not so much. Dear reader, this right here is

A Bluetooth Cannabis Centered Sex Toy For People Who Have Given Up

In general, I try to steer my coverage of cannabis products, people, and services towards things that I think are worthy of your time. Believe me, there are plenty of samples that I receive as a cannabis writer that I don't think are quality enough to receive attention, but I will at

Women’s Orgasms, Sexual Satisfaction Improved With Cannabis

A new study published the Journal for Sexual Medicine (a periodical I only read for the articles, I swear) reports that women who use cannabis have more intense orgasms, an increase in desire, and overall are more satisfied with their sexual experiences. In other words, science has now proven that getting

Seeking Sexy Stoners For The Northwest’s “Sexiest Cannabis Person”

A Black woman in lingerie lays upon a pink silk sheet on a bed posing in a boudoir photography style

When I got this press release, my first thought was the missed opportunity of not having an attached .wav file that played this reworked Van Halen "classic": "Ow, got it bad, got it bad, got it bad... I'm hot for Cheeba. I got it bad, soooooo bad, I'm hot for

Better Sex Through THC

a woman in underwear in lying on a bed

TODAY'S COLUMN is about cannabis and copulation. Really? Yep. Now, my mother reads this (hi Mom!), so let's try and be adults. So... ahem... how do these two things go together? For many people, stress can be a prime killer of bang-bang sexy times. And as we all know, smoking or vaping