Better Sex Through THC

a woman in underwear in lying on a bed

TODAY’S COLUMN is about cannabis and copulation. Really? Yep. Now, my mother reads this (hi Mom!), so let’s try and be adults.

So… ahem… how do these two things go together?

For many people, stress can be a prime killer of bang-bang sexy times. And as we all know, smoking or vaping some sweet green can be a great stress buster, helping us get out of our own tightly wound heads.

Since great sex is mostly mental, it stands to reason that anything that helps relax us will go a long way in promoting a healthy libido. So smoke some weed and problem solved, right?

Right, unless it’s wrong. Indulge in a strong sativa, and you’ll be more interested in organizing your sock drawer than losing the drawers you have on. Try too much of a strong indica, and the only boots you’ll be knocking are Mr. Sandman’s.

But for women, there is a sweet spot (oh, shut it) in the form of a cannabis strain called Jillybean. This strain comes (seriously, shut it) to us from TGA Seeds, and was created by seed breeder Mz. Jill—”by a woman, for women.”

This doesn’t mean the plant has pink highlights and fits nicely into a clutch. Rather, it’s reported as great for alleviating symptoms of PMS and also serves as a female aphrodisiac.

I’d read of this strain’s benefits in pot forums, so I asked my grower to finish out a batch. It’s common when I introduce new strains to my Oregon Medical Marijuana Program patients to tell them the reported benefits, but I wasn’t used to finishing off my spiel with a red-faced “andIhearitisafemaleaphrodesiacokaybye.”

But I found there was a common report from female users—it was serving to heighten their sexual desire.

It’s not just Jillybean. Canadian pot magazine Skunk listed their “Valentine’s Day Love Strains” back in 2009, which included, among others, Cannadential, Alaskan Ice, Jorge’s Diamonds #1, Kali Mist, and the aforementioned Jillybean.

So, is there a science-stuff link between THC and the libido?

A study way back in 1984 that appeared in the Journal of Sex Research stated that, after interviewing 97 sex-havin’ adults in (of all places) Kansas City, “More than two-thirds of subjects reported increased sexual pleasure and satisfaction with marijuana use. About half of both sexes also reported increased sexual desire while using marijuana. Emotional closeness and physical enjoyment of snuggling were also enhanced.”

There’s also a THC-infused lubricant on the market that’s designed exclusively for women. It’s expensive as hell, and they won’t return my calls for a free review sample. Maybe I’ll buy a bottle.

Then again, my girlfriend just informed me that “writing about our sex life will end said life, and possibly yours.”

So, maybe don’t hold your breath.

Josh Taylor is a well-known and successful entrepreneur in the legal cannabis space, producing B2B and B2C cannabis events, "Backstage Budtending" and upscale concierge services through his companies and His weekly syndicated newspaper column and features about cannabis ran for five years until March 2020.

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