Welcome To Cannabuzz Columnist

Hey everyone! Thanks for stopping by. I'm excited to be transitioning from newspapers to this platform. (You can read more about the history of Cannabuzz in the "About" section of the site.) I'll continue to offer wide ranging coverage of Cannabis and CBD, although there won't be much about events, or new

Women’s (Cannabis) History Deserves It’s Own Month

March is Women’s History Month, or as disgraced former President Trump once called it, “The who what now? Really? A whole month, huh?” Women’s contributions to cannabis—past and present—have been (brace yourself) overlooked, ignored, and forgotten. This is a plant that 99.5 percent of us actively seek out in its female

Why is 4/20 a “Cannabis Holiday”?

A cannabis cafe in the Netherlands with a neon sigh reading Coffeeshop Reefer

Happy high holy day holiday! Even the most numeric challenged mathlete among us knows that 4/20 is Stoner Christmas, Puff Puff Passover, and Kwanzaa Kush Day rolled into one special day or dispensary discounts and comically large joints. But why 4/20? What mystical connection does this number have to cannabis? Grab a mop