The Volcano Returns As A Hybrid

Volcano Vaporizer

If you’re a regular cannabis user, you’ve probably tried a Volcano vaporizer at some point. It could be argued that the company that makes it, Storz & Bickel, set the platinum standard for precision vaporizing. In 1996, a German graphic designer named Markus Storz used a heat gun to develop the

Las Vegas To Open Cannabis Lounges

Las Vegas has always had a lot to offer, and now Sin City also has the welcome recent addition of access to legal recreational cannabis. But, just like Oregon, there aren't many legal options for consumption of cannabis after it's been acquired. Homeowners may consume in their abode, but with Vegas

Shine Papers Has Hidden Gold in Portland

Do you have plans for February 4? I'm asking because I can't recall if I mentioned it last time I saw you—again, sorry about your rug—and there's an event on that date which any cannabis consumer will probably want to take part in, an honest-to-god scavenger hunt for a gold briefcase