Penalties for Cannabis Use in Major League Baseball to Ease

Major League Baseball (MLB)—a sport that I've always found far more interesting when high—announced last week they're changing how they treat their players who use cannabis. It’s a decision designed as part of a harm reduction strategy for other more dangerous, and sometimes fatal, substances. Beginning with spring training 2020, MLB

Cannabis News Catch Up

Here’s some news you may have missed while you were doing your “pot weed.” New Jersey Tokers Are Paying Way Too Much On March 7, authorities at a Philadelphia shipping port discovered 614 pounds of cannabis hidden in a shipping container originating from Puerto Rico and bound for New Jersey. While it was

The NFL Doesn’t Like Medical Cannabis

On Sunday, February 3, the Super Bowl will be played between the Los Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots, two teams hailing from states (California and Massachusetts) with regulated medical/recreational cannabis programs. One hundred million will watch, and while I won't be one of them, here's to a really big

Cannabis and March Madness: How Cannabis Can Get You Through the Month

A man playing a college basketball game reaches for the ball

IT'S MARCH MADNESS! Even if you don't follow much sportsball, there's a good chance you're participating in some type of office bracket, or you're going to watch because your school made the cut. And perhaps you're thinking, "What would make this even better?" (To which I answer, "Turn off the TV, and

Oregon Ducks and Doobies: When Cannabis Meets Collegiate Sports

I DON'T CARE much about sports. I completely understand those who do, bless their hearts, but sports have never held much appeal for me. When cannabis gets involved, however, any form of sportsball has my attention. I'm writing this the morning after the Oregon Ducks lost to Ohio State. Some of my Duck-centric