DEA Says Term “Cannabis” Is Out, New Term is “Dinkie Dow”

Dictionary opened up to the word "dictionary"

Hey, you’re cool, right? You have a hip haircut, on-point non-prescription glasses, a wardrobe that’s trailblazing without being too Donner Party, and your apps are all beta. You and your squad are certainly “down” and “woke” about “what” is “up,” and that includes the nicknames you use for cannabis. I mean, there’s “weed,” “cheeba cheeba,” “pot,”

Give Thanks To Elvy Musikka, Legendary Cannabis Trail (And Joint) Blazer

Elvy Musikka is the stoned grandmother I always wanted, and if you meet her, you’ll feel the same. The OG cannabis activist lives in Eugene, Oregon, and she’s the definition of a firebrand. She’s also something of a rarity in this country—someone who receives cannabis from the federal government, at no

Cannabis Soon May No Longer Be Considered Worse Than Meth

I man holds up a large joint

"WHEN THE PEOPLE lead, the leaders will follow."—Gandhi   With Congress' approval rating at about 16 percent, it's hard to believe there's anything positive emanating from our esteemed leaders in DC—especially if one has an interest in cannabis, personal or business-wise. But some recent changes give us hope.   Cannabis is listed as a