Cannabis Ice Cream, Meet My Mouth

The logo for Drip Ice Cream

How great is ice cream?

“All-the-way great” is the proper answer.

What’s also great? Cannabis. So what if somebody made ice cream with cannabis in it? What then?

Mind your damn hands and fingers if they get in the vicinity of my cannabis ice cream is what.

The product of which I speak is called Drip (, which bills itself as “small-batch craft ice cream.”

In the interest of this column, and to fulfill my ambition of fitting into a larger-sized trouser, I recently purchased and consumed two four-ounce containers. (Don’t you judge me.)

Of their five flavors, I tested Oregon Blackberry and Salted Caramel.

Each was infused with BHO made from full flower, and contained nearly 21 milligrams of THC. The locally sourced ingredients, touted as all natural, are simple, and a container runs $15.

That’s $7.50 a serving, which is a lot for ice cream but about the cost of most other medibles.

The packages clearly state that each package is enough for two people.

Did I read this warning? I did. As I speed-shoved the contents into my gaping maw, I read it. Twice.

This is some dangerous stuff. It’s very well made, not too sweet, and plenty rich. There’s a pleasant absence of the chemical flavor that many BHO-infused edibles carry. I would not have had any idea there was cannabis in it.

Somebody better warn Maureen Dowd.

To accompany this testing session, it would have been madness to attempt any activity requiring physical exertion, so I opted for the most stereotypical undertaking: watching a half season of Archer and two episodes of Bob’s Burgers. (Don’t you judge me.)

I tried—really tried—to start with just a few teaspoons, but quickly realized I had polished off half of the blackberry carton while considering if a larger spoon was in order.

Before the effects came on, I had already done the same damage to the caramel.

Because food is love, and much like LL Cool J, I need love.

I also needed battleship chains to lash me to the couch, as the high came a-knockin’ sooner than expected, and I was certain I was about to float through the ceiling.

I laughed ’til I cried, then lost track of what I was watching. (That the same actor voiced the lead in both series did not help.)

I slept great, once I staggered to my bed three hours later. I woke up a tad thick, due to my ignoring the serving size.

(Don’t you judge me.)

With marijuana-infused edibles facing extra scrutiny and regulation due to the wide number of inexperienced people overconsuming, cannabis prohibitionists will fret that the last thing we need are products that are “geared to kids.”

Yet the large label clearly reads “MEDICAL PRODUCT. KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN,” and it comes with a childproof top. All concerns can be eliminated if users mind their purchases, and exhibit some common sense and parental responsibility.

Put a Mr. Yuk sticker on it if you must—provided there’s any left after you’ve popped the top.

Josh Taylor is a well-known and successful entrepreneur in the legal cannabis space, producing B2B and B2C cannabis events, "Backstage Budtending" and upscale concierge services through his companies and His weekly syndicated newspaper column and features about cannabis ran for five years until March 2020.

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